Kevin Wang

Rookie (1994 / Lakewood)

'Living In A Fool's Paradise' - Poem by Kevin Wang

happy as always
merry to be
life has its ways
some comes true
while others stays as dreams

days pass on
as the world revolve around the axis
as the light seeps through the windows
fighting fire with fire
words against words
as my soul fights blindly through and through

sometimes there's this crowd
with blank faces yet talks
boos me on
saying horrifying things
which leads to chaos

yet i'd ignore these comments
bypass this roaring traffic
and find a way to look for you in this dark corridor
echoing with happy cries
with a little child hovering in my shadows crying of false hope

look up where the feathers fall
look where light seeps into with such brilliance
at the first second of morning shining on through
my vexed mind is swirling with discouraging words
and yet here I am
writing in what I believe in
writing these words of mine
to say to you

blowing bubbles of encased of what yet like glistening hearts of memories to keep is good
yet pops into thin air with nothing
but war to destroy lonely souls is bad
but at least I can still remember these pictures rolling past like an old film

cuz here I am lying on this very hill
under the silhouette of the willow tree
deeply in love
with a girl
what yet like a child
nd yet hisses with a ferocity of a kitten

living off smiles and happiness
fight off rumors
walking on thin ice
swim through the past of the vale of tears
and consume this love for eternity
for as it is to be so enchanting
even to trip and fall
by someone's imaginary foot stuck out
to see her to walk away

but I am that I am
to run with happiness
so carefree and glad to see her smile
you can say i'm stubborn
but I care for you
cuz here I am
always with open arms
always living in this fool's paradise
living off of what yet like smiles and love

jumbled with thoughts of you
swimming through the eras of the past
floating in this murky dirty water
now i'd still sprint fly jump with all my might
through this false hope
and chomp away the chains that bind me with this little child
nd sprint toward the light
fly to you
I have a will
I have a heart
nd now nothing will prevail
cuz i'm here
i'm living in a fool's paradise

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