Kevin Wang

Rookie (1994 / Lakewood)

'Freedom Writers' - Poem by Kevin Wang

Here we are
how history always repeats each time
as old as many clichés
how much can you take in
how can you laugh at a time like this
how can you call yourselves soldiers
are you fighting 'til fulfillment, for honor, your country, or your people
cuz we are all decent human beings
of earth, of Mother Nature
why can't we all just get along
or are we fighting 'til we forget the reason of why we started like so

you drunken b--ds
excuse my language
maybe I'm just angry at myself or just in that dream
where life is everywhere
everywhere that of peace, a place so called utopia

you stand and fight your ground
kill children with zyklon b
murdering thousands to smithereens with that mushroom cloud
those innocent people, or so called scapegoats of the holocaust
or not so innocent people but we all make mistakes
those innocent people who died from 9/11
those twin towers falling down
those arrested and hanged in Salem of witchcraft

no referee, no coach, no teacher, no general to command this war alone
we are all in this together
with our troubles combined brings a heavy burden hanging from our necks
what kind of war are we in!
Don't you know that rage kills

I've seen it before
I've felt it before
those blood in your eyes
ravaging the hate below your nose
I don't know what it feels like the kill someone
or someone you once loved die in your very hands

is war about revenge
or is it about justice
cuz if you don't notice
as you are raging
love ones are falling and yet you don't notice it
rage killing
so lonely, so desperate
does revenge really solve everything
do you feel satisfied after you finished him/her off

it's just so sickening
so hateful
are we human beings
or are we monsters
this nonstop ringing in the ears
just chopping that machete as we go screaming
assaulting others with the devil in your ear
man, can't you see that this isn't a comedy
how can you not hear yourselves
cuz I know somewhere I your heart, you're crying
these fragile souls
fighting monsters so soulless
cuz when they die
they'd haunt you back
war is like everyday life but ever so hard
like that holocaust
where ashes goes flying from those old smokestacks like snow on the ground

where is the love
the human equality we once stated once before
people kill
people die
raging of love ones falling
more and more scattered by the fearsome blade that come stabbing

come about with that energy with revenge
how now just put it into work of saving others
like how you can kill others so defenseless like having AIDS or HIV
this is like the money crisis, about that Wall Street
where Harlem Street rides along
where the Great Depression hit us all so hart
hmm the one-child family rule of China
or so called overpopulation
or so called of ancient times of the slave trade
not what I like to talk about
but gotta let it out
all these feelings burn my heart out
where is the justice
where is the love

this is the war we were fighting for before
this not revenge we used to talk about
this not some lives you can just melt back
this what we are fighting for once before
the so called UN to bring world peace into once
this one who writes as others did so too
we are called the freedom writers

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, January 31, 2010

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