Lonely Sou'

I smile
Into the the silence darkness
in memories of sweet past
and to the feelings that never last.
I am doom
doom past all joy
that claims the lonely soul
past the feelings of doubtless
that reeks from sadness.
I am move past all these
and lifted to sierra of platform
to that of change
that one step ahead
to change my soul
that vicious unrelenting spirit
that frowned
at every ill past
into magic visions
An angelic treasure as a prize
for that excruciating pain.
I am overwhelmed
with the need for change
but i can not
for i have no lass
with whom to share my love
no dove
to whom i may acquaint myself
no route
on which to ply
I have only the hurricane and ocean
to hear me cry
of sonorous feelings of companion
that distinguish me
from the masses
and the masses
they do not understand
never will they understand
what they have known
For they lack intelligent
They can only empathize
But to night
I feel like drowning
To night
I have shed tears
that only the ocean have tasted
and i have whistle cry
that only that only the ocean has heard

S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 06 December 2012

Mayb u r too young to hav a lass, ha ha. Yor poem was a very fine nice one despite d lonely feel.

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