Fawole Immanuel Taiwo

Looted Ego - Poem by Fawole Immanuel Taiwo

On that fateful day
That heaven refused to grin on me
But chose to grin on my foe
That day has marked me memorial
Its sunshine is what I never hoped for

Solitarily I was in my shanty
On that malevolent day
Hopelessly battling with my garri*
One that was dispensed from its best source

Though all seem down for me
All seem to have forlorn me
Heavens seem to have backed off
All alter ego and relations gone
But my feminine ego remains intact

The ego have I protected
With all agility and ability
Peers in jocundity have misplaced theirs
But it's unfoundable
Easily could I have lost mine

Even though I was vigilant
Vigilant with the protection
Protection for my ego
Ego protected from lust
Lust from the opposite gender

My best seem insufficient
On that cursed day
When Brother Adekunle
That unscrupulous neighbour of mine
Visited surprisingly

My savouring hand took to strike
At the sight of Brother Adekunle
Humongous thoughts ran through my mind
'What mission has he come to accomplish?
Have I wronged him? '

His entry depicts no hesitation
Before a blink of my eye
He was on me
Dancing to the feminine beat
Which Divinity played through me

Brother Adekunle with his master key
Unlocked my ego
He broke therein
He looted my ego
Submerging me in salty water

Brother Adekunle
Malediction I dispense on you
As you have left me in woebegoneness
May your untamed device
Feel inevitably nemesis

——————————— ————
garri* — farina
Ijebu* — a town in Ogun State, Nigeria where the best farina is believed to be produced

Topic(s) of this poem: rape

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Poem Submitted: Friday, December 4, 2015

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