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Lord Of The Flies Reqiuem To Humanity - Poem by Korinn Theriault

Chapter One Characters: The choir
Sounds of a siren call us to,
A new beginning for
A group full of well-mannered boys.
Since the new start from a plane crash,
A new voted chief, we all have lost our sanity.
Littluns, Bigguns, Hunters
Separation has taken place
One to keep a fire burning,
Another to provide food.

Chapter 2 Character: Ralph
To make a fire, use lots of wood.
Team work is needed by bigguns,
while littluns frolic in sand.
Light the fire, let it burn,
Fire is like a squirrel leaping from the trunk of a tree
to a branch on another.
A littlun has disappeared.

Chapter 3 Character: Piggy
Few boys lost, no parents insight,
we will all indulge in a feast tonight.
Oh why has life turned into such a scare
Beastie, beastie, everyone a beast!
There is not much more we can bare!
Take us away from this island!
Find more food. Kill the beast. Make it’s
blood spill! Nightmares meant to scare little boys,
sleeping in unstable shelter.

Chapter 4 Characters: Maurice and Roger
Castle so little, so puny
No might,
I will kick down your little height.
I kick nothing but sand into your eye,
And then throw a few rocks, pray you do not die.
Leave the fire to capture a pig,
and pretend to let all of her blood fall out to float.
Oh Jack, please do cut her throat.
Circle around the pig to beat
But do not let the blood taint the meat.

Chapter 5 Character: Percival
Ralph calls an assembly.
I have been chosen to talk.
“Percival Wemys Madison.
The Vicarage, Harcourt St. Anthony, Hants,
telephone, telephone, tele-'
No remembrance of the address I use to know.
I was an innocent boy who sang an incantation,
to protect me from fears, to fulfill my tears.
A biggun needed to comfort me,
Asked where a beast lives, I am not fully sure,
I mutter about the sea as I fall into a deep sleep.
No longer does my incantation help me…

Chapter 6 Character: Sam and Eric
We both let the fire burn out.
We as twin brothers do everything the same
Like us both falling asleep and letting the fire die out.
When we tried to restart it, a beastie
Came out of the dark to attack us.
It’s claws are sharpened razor blades, wishing to tear out our guts.
We wake up the fair boy and he sets off on a journey
To find the wretched beast.

Chapter 7 Character: Robert
While looking for the beast, we all decide
To find a fat boar and hunt it.
Jack has us follow it from it’s droppings.
Ralph hits the snout. We lose the beast and reenact.
All the boys use me as the pig and nearly beat me to death.
Terror runs through my body! All boys
Lose their humanity.
An escape is what I search for and I found it.
“Next time we should use a real boar”
Jack’s insanity suggest we use a littlun instead.
After the game, Ralph and Jack
Go to the mountain and find the beast.

Chapter 8 Character: Jack
A beast I saw!
An assembly I will call…
I want to be leader but no one will let me,
As long as Ralph is in charge.
No one will vote him out so I
Will leave with a few hunters of my own.
We plan a feast to lure the boys to my side,
but we must steal fire.
I invite everyone to my fright filled feast.
But it seems that some will not come.

Chapter 9 Character: Simon
I woke up from a vivid hallucination, in a daze.
After a meeting with the Lord Of the Flies,
I have realized what I was doing.
I have to go to the mountain to prove the beast
Wasn’t real. As I stumble up the mountain,
I see a black and blue faced corpse with a parachute tied to him.
I untangle the dead man from the rocks and run off
To tell the others. I see them in a chant all frightened
over the thunderous storm and beast. In effort to comfort them
I run to tell them the beast isn’t real. Instead
They beat me up and scratch and bite.
I try to leave, but I am weak. My red blood pours out onto the golden sand.

Chapter 10 Character: Piggy
Realizing it was Simon who was killed,
I feel horrible for going to the feast.
I am thankful that Sam and Eric stayed though.
They can help us build a fire.
Ralph was silent, still shaken up from the feast.
I tried my best to comfort him,
But not much has helped.
I am still afraid of Jack planning to
hurt me. He has changed from a
well mannered boy to an indecent, painted savage.
In efforts to feel better, we all go to sleep.
Savages come in the night and take my glasses.

Chapter 11 Characters: Sam and Eric
We are both tired of Jack sabotaging our rescue.
Ralph calls an assembly to have us all create a plan.
We decide to go to the Castle Rock
And make Jack see reason.
Jack refuses to give back Piggy’s glasses.
He has his other savages tie us up.
Ralph lost his anger. Jack and he fight.
Over the noise Piggy cries out reason.
Roger then moves the lever and
A boulder as big as a smaller house is released upon Piggy.
It rolls down the hill. It hits Piggy. Piggy falls down
The cliff and his innocent blood is spilt.

Chapter 12 Character: Ralph
A hunt. All boys are here to kill me.
Sam and Eric are now against me.
Who would have thought the leader would become the prey.
Their calls all behind me, I frantically jump into bushes,
Hoping to hide from them. They set fires to the brush to
Smoke me out. As I hide behind a boulder,
One demented savage comes near. I stab him twice.
After all my efforts, I run for my life hoping to escape.
A terrible death I must face as I fall with diminished energy
Into the sand that use to hold Simon’s blood.
A naval officer saw our fire. He came for my rescue.
Everyone sobs. We all lost our relevance for the rules of civilization.

Topic(s) of this poem: death, deaths, humanity, insanity

Poet's Notes about The Poem

My teacher had me write a narrative poem for the entire book, so I decided to do it in different views of the boys. After finishing the poem, I didn't want to waste all of my work so I decided to post it here.

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