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Lost Love - Poem by Ryann Holland

Ryann Noel

Lost Love

“I can’t believe they put a restraining order against me.” Ryann cried as she lied in her dark bedroom. She loves Leon with all of her heart, and will do any thing to be with him. He is the love of her life. Losing him is her weakness. It has been almost a year since they have been together, so why try to ruin their lives now, especially if their perfect for each other and love each other.

In about two weeks will be Ryann’s sweet 16, and he promised that he would be there no matter what. He made that promise weeks before any thing happened. Why? Why can’t his parents accept the fact that they are in love? Ryann looked at the pictures of them together, and it brought back wonderful memories. He is the one who won her over. The first boy that got to stay the night at her house and the first boy she actually slept in the same bed with. She has very strong feelings for him.

All she thought about was revenge. She thought that his parents were awesome at first, but they are pure evil. She went down to Leon’s parent’s house on Halloween and met them, and did fun things. She actually thought she had it made this time. She never has really met any of her ex’s parents or was allowed to go to their house, but her mom trusted this one. He is the only reason she wakes up in the morning. She lid there some more crying and wishing she were dead. She thought every thing would work out right and that nothing would ever come between her and Leon, but she never knew or for a second thought that his parent’s would be the one’s t run things.

“Ryann, come here! ” Her mom yelled for her. Ryann entered the room wiping her tears away. “Don’t worry about it baby, every thing will be alright.” Ryann sat on the catch and started watching a movie as she saw a couple kiss and it was just like her and Leon did. Tears started coming down her eyes again. Leon’s parents don’t want them together because Ryann is fifteen but Leon is only three years older, so what was the big conflict? She wouldn’t be able to see him again until she turned eighteen. That was too long for Ryann. She couldn’t go two years without Leon, not even a minute.

All Ryann could think about is Leon. She thought about their first kiss and the things that they did together. All she wants for her birthday is for his parents to back off and for her to be in his arms again. Why is every one out to ruin Ryann’s life? Can you answer that simple question? No, because it’s not your life and you really don’t care.

She thought and thought about everything. She was so stressed and depressed and needed to calm down. The only way she knows how to calm down is by bringing out the razor blade. She has already cut every place on her body, even the side of her neck. She went into the bathroom, shut the door and looked in the mirror. Her eyes were puffy red. By now she had a migraine headache. She just stood there for a minute with a rage look in her eye. She wanted to end her life right then and there. She opened the mirror and took out the blade that she had had hidden. She put it against her wrist right where her vain was. She just remembered the promise that she has made Leon. She dropped the blade and sat against the wall. She really didn’t know why she was alive. Why did she have to fall in love? They were suppose to e together forever for the rest of their life.

Ryann started thinking again and stood to her feet. She looked back into the mirror. No matter what happens, or what any one says, we will always be together. That was his exact words that he had written in the letter a couple of weeks ago. She had a flash back to when she got arrested. She wished that she would have of never been released. But God blessed her with a gift, something that no one will take away no matter what! Ryann picked the blade up and kissed it’s edges. You have been a good friend to me, and you have calmed me down and helped me get rid of the pain so many times, she said to the razor. But a promise is a promise, and she threw the blade out the bathroom window.

She went back into her bedroom, and lied on the bed. She cried her self to sleep and never stopped thinking about Leon, she even dreamed about him, and even thought they took him from her in real life, they can’t take him from her dreams. Ryann will love Leon forever and always.

The End

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