Lost Moon Poem by Pamesh Kumar

Lost Moon

Yesterday, I witnessed a massive dark
Nothing like twinkling, no shine of spark
Though it was late night without drizzling
The darkness on planet, sky was subling

My finding was loss of marvelous moon
And my writings a consequence of gloom
As if stars were perfectly washed away
And the the moon forgot all the way

One day, all creatures will left the planet
As stars disappear with first light packet
I'm just prompting the your future in black
It'll be the brightest if put yor zeal in stack

The destiny is just to muddle some pins
And uphill battle is sufficient for wins
Although stars can't get wanished down
If we emblish like moon to give own
Giving needy gives desired crown
~Pamesh Kumar

Lost Moon
Monday, May 13, 2024
Topic(s) of this poem: real life,realization,affinity and love,self discovery,self,destiny
Theme of Loss and Darkness: The poem begins with my visuals for describing a scene of darkness and loss, symbolized by the absence of the moon and stars. This sets the tone for contemplation and reflection on themes of emptiness and despair. Imagery: The poet uses vivid imagery to convey the sense of darkness and loss. Phrases like 'massive dark, ' 'twinkling, ' and 'shine of spark' evoke a visual and emotional response in the reader, enhancing the atmosphere of the poem. Symbolism of the Moon and Stars: The moon and stars symbolize hope, beauty, and guidance. Their absence reflects a world devoid of light and inspiration, suggesting a metaphorical darkness in my perception of life. Existential Reflections: The poem delves into existential themes, contemplating the transient nature of life and the inevitability of loss. Her I reflect on the fleeting existence of all creatures and the impermanence of cosmic phenomena like stars. Call to Action: Amidst the bleak imagery and existential musings, the poem ends on a note of encouragement and empowerment.
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