Morgan McCurry

Love - Poem by Morgan McCurry

she said she loved him
she ment it, she did
she knew it was love
It had to be; It was
The first time for
Everything..i mean
it had mostly all
happened before
but not like this!
not when
she could remember
exacly how it
the exact date,
time, and place
something was
and it was them
yes the late night talks
yes the first long kiss
yes the bickering over
this that and this
yes the slaming of doors
and yes the studdered im sorrys
but why
why was she calling old guys
why was she saying she loved them
why were they
touching her
the way only he had?
why was she letting this happen? ?
why was she doing this
why was he not enough
she did care, but did she still
she wanted his love, but was it enough
she needed his touch, but could she limit herself
she tought and she wrote and she tought and she wrote.....
love is a sacrifice
not always taking but giving
and when you are devoted
you need to be true
i love HIM
and i mean it! !
he is the first for everything
i do, and will remember exactly how it felt. The exact date time and place
yes it is different'
and yes it is and will always be my perfect
the late night talks will still go on
and many long kisses are still to come
yes we will fight and slam some doors
but we will say were sorry
and maybe just maybe some tears will pour
BUT theres no more lies and other guys
i have come to the conclusion
hes enough
and this time when i say i love you
ITs only to him....
I love Cutter<3

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 7, 2008

Poem Edited: Tuesday, April 8, 2008

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