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Love Addiction - Poem by Amber Leigh

This addiction I have,
On the inside it eats,
The words “I love you.”
Devour my peace,
This habit I have,
I keep it inside,
The important “L” word,
I continue to hide,
This word I want,
To speak and feel,
Once again,
Just fall and kneel,
On the cold ground,
Here I pray,
For this hopeless word,
To go away.
But then again,
Without it here,
And remain in my heart,
Sadness would shed,
And tear me apart,
I’ve felt it before,
I’m positive I have,
‘Cause it hurt to love,
Until I crashed,
Into someone else,
Made me feel,
On top of the world,
No problems to deal,
With pain or regret,
Agony or torture,
I want my past back,
Don’t reveal my future,
I want what was,
Not what is,
To be happy again,
The poisonous kiss,
That made me this way,
Now I can’t take,
The emotion won’t leave,
It keeps me awake,
Predict my future,
Evoke my past,
‘Til I fall asleep,
Dreams begin to cast,
Through my head,
Wake up to weep,
Happiness and woe,
Prevent my sleep,
Dreams of you,
I want you with me,
On this eerie planet,
Show you what could be,
Throughout the day,
Each minute I ponder,
Only about you,
Each day I wonder,
Approaching nighttime,
Still thoughts of you,
Cross my mind,
Then I dream of you,
I want to say,
the word I fear,
but then I fear,
if the word you hear,
comes from me,
it’ll be game over,
explosion of lament,
for me to take cover,
and never return,
mask my shame,
Never want to feel,
Love again.
If to love means pain,
Then bring the pain on,
I’ll fight to adore,
Until the pain is gone,
I thought life was confusing,
But devotion hunts life,
Over ruled and conquered,
An endless strife,
Not everything lasts long,
Concern was the cause,
Ruined my existence,
This addiction to love...

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