Love As I Know It

Every day I wake up loving u,
Wishes u were with me,
To give my hugs and kisses,
But it’s just a dream,
I’m waiting for it to come true but deep in my heart I know it won’t,
But I love the way u tell me everything,
And that u will dropp everything just to talk to me,
I love the way u make me smile,
Like nothing else in the world matters,
I love it when u hug me,
It’s so nice and warm, and makes me feel,
The good side of life, not the bad,
And makes me want to live more,
And love u even more,
U always know the right thing to say,
To cheer me up,
I wish u felt the same,
And that u never want to leave me,
Like I never want to leave u,
And every second of the day I’m not talking to u,
I feel my heart slowly breaking,
Like I have nothing to live for,
I wonder if u knew all this will it still be the same,
Or will we never talk again,
Then u told me you’re moving to a different country for a couple of years
I went home and cried
I couldn’t bare the thought of loosing u
Then I remember u said u will do anything to be with me.