Alyssha Middleton Poems

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Being Judged

being judged
by everything
your looks and the way you act
how you talk and walk

Love As I Know It

Every day I wake up loving u,
Wishes u were with me,
To give my hugs and kisses,
But it’s just a dream,


love is wonderful
you never know what would happen
its ful with twist and turns
it is also like a roller coaster

Its To Late

when you can't think
when your heart breaks every time you hear hes voice
knowing it's to late
you ruined everything

I Hate This

i hate this
i hate this feeling
i get everyday
the loneliness


not being able to think
because you have to much on your mind
not being able to write
because you don't know how to word your feelings

Dont Expect You To Forgive Me

i tried to hide
it from you
i didnt want to hurt you
anymore then i have

Trust Issues

thinking i can trust someone
then they let me down
spreading the secrets around
the one thing that scared me the most

Over Everything

fed up with the feeling
of emptiness and loneliness
keeping everything to myself
being confused

How I Really Feel

no kid my age
should feel the way i do
feeling like no one is there for you
like you are all alone in this world