Rena Hilty

Love Is Bullshit - Poem by Rena Hilty

I once married a man who did not want a wife
So I picked up the pieces of my shattered life
But I put them together so quickly that they fell back apart
Seeing now, I had always been protective of my heart

I said “don’t leave me all alone in this cold world”
He said “I’m sorry but I found another girl
She makes me feel the way I don’t with you
I really think this time I’ll see it through”

But I don’t worry about it too much
He’ll come back around like he always does
Sometimes I ask myself if I really don’t care
But the pain comes back to remind me it’s still there

We fool ourselves into thinking things could be the same
And we continue to play this crazy love game
Is true love real or does it always fade away?
I would tell you “it’s bullshit” but I really can’t say

Have you ever met someone that made you question everything?
To the point where you thought you might be going insane
It’s like the kind of love that you only find in your dreams
Can’t get you off my mind please tell me what that means

I thought I could be content with just settling down
But you reminded me of something I had once lost and never found
Times change, people will change
Life is full of loss and gain

He said “don’t leave me all alone in this cold world
You know I’ll never find another girl
That makes me the feel the way I do with you
Come take me by the hand we’ll see it through”

Purge you from the conscious mind
Act like everything is fine
Hope Someday it will all be just a blur
I guess we never will really know for sure

Hey, it’s not like I expect you to care
Because love is bullshit and life’s not fair

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Poem Edited: Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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