Love Is True Poem by mackenzy edmonds

Love Is True

as I sit here alone crying
knowing I'm hurt
I take out my knife and look at it
I can reflection against the blade
I cry knowing that i'm hurt
thinking this will take the pain away I start to cut my wrists then notice im still hurting
but now worse I take the knife up to my neck and cut there I lay bleeding
my best friend comes and calls the abulince then he comes in and i say you saved and you're the reason why I'm still alive but you're the reason I want to die
he looks at me with the hurt in his eyes I look away and he says why is my fault you want to die
i say because you love someone else not me and i wallk out the door he grabs my hand
i look at his and the at his face he pulls me in and hugs me.
ilook up at him he kisses me.
i blink a couple times then close them.
i look up at him and say why.
he says the first time i saw you i loved you but i was afraid you would'nt love me back so i did this he pulls up his sleeve showing the cuts that he made because of me

Kemanie Abraham 20 June 2011

: ,) this is soo sweet.

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