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Where is what I want to say,
But my heart screams nay
Death, despair, sorrow all define
Me the one that forgets time.

Emotions push, emotions pull
I walk up this road, only to end up downed
Humans live a life of desire
Only to stumble on the path of despair

Its true what they say, people change as time passes
I don't know what to say, to my 'friends', now jackasses.
I sit and ponder 'bout thoust thoughts yonder
Glistening beauty, floating and fluttering

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I'm a typical teenage boy that know the rules of life)

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I'M Here

I told you I was never going to leave you. When I woke up I said that I would be back later. Now I see you sitting alone, crying. I run to meet you, sit down right next to you. You try not to cry infront of me, but I don't care. I ask you to look at me. The moment you do. I close my eyes and kiss you. Washing away all of your doubtful tears, giving your heart and mine life again, giving you another reason to live. I pull away and say only three words, 'I love you'.

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Kemanie Abraham Popularity

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