Nero CaroZiv

Love Lessons - Poem by Nero CaroZiv

Will our love for ever
Run like a vivid mountain river
And Time’s fierce jaws
Be avoided by sublime laws
And age’s endeavor
Be tried in vain
To take a walk with you love,
A crave descends from heaven above
No other pleasure
With this could measure
And like a divine treasure
I would hug your chain
In sunshine in cold in rain
To eat with you the sweet field oat
There is so much to aught
To listen and lessons to be taught
End not my elongated sighing
In an abrupt dying
And formed for flying
Love plumes our wings
Then for this reason
Let us live and love a season
But let the season be only spring

Alas! Love not for ever meant
And soon harsh years yield its dent
When lovers parted
Betrayed and broken hearted
And all hopes thwarted
Expect to cease to exist prepare to die
Rather than perpetuate love of lie
But behold Time’s remedy a few years older
Ah! How much the days are colder
You might behold her
For whom you vainly sighed
A girl of the nose not tiny
Hair stiff not shiny
The once piercing glow of her eyes is no more like the sun
Her skin brittle and dangling dry, her breast are dun
Stubby fat fingers
And a mouth forever spraying on linger
A language of aged refinement
Regard her fall!
With the darkest moss your flower plots
Were thickly crushed one and all
The rusted nails fell from the garden knots
That held the pear to the gable-wall
Weeded and worn the ancient thatch
Upon the lonely moat grange
When linked all that together
The sun, shade, rain sand and wind cruel weather
Pluck love’s feather
From out its wing
It will stay forever
But sadly we shiver
Without love’s plumage when past spring

Wait not you young fond lover
Till years pass and age is over
And then recover
As from nightmare dream’s ardor
While each be wailing
The other failing
With wrath and railing
All hideous seem
While first it starts decreasing
Yet not quite over and ceasing
Wait not you young lover till teasing
All passion blights
If once diminished
Love reign is finished
Let it recover
The heart, the ever lonely hunting lover

True, you young fond lover, separations
Ask more than blind patience
What desperations from such have risen?
But yet remaining
In what is but chaining
Hearts which once waning
Beat against each other as against wall of prison
And their recover is beyond the reach of reason
You may find it an elongated torture
Though sharper and shorter
Is to wean and not to ware out the joy of love

copy rights 2010

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, August 21, 2010

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