Love My Thumb Poem by Mayonaise ketchup

Love My Thumb

Tonight I was allowed to make love only with her thumb
I felt loved enough and didn't act as dumb
To love her I don't even need her presence
Having her thumb was in abundance
So I started with kissing it all around
A few hundreds I remember I could count
I love You I said after every single kiss
She said Love me more and more please
This reminded me of her another thumb
Without being kissed it was feeling so numb
I kissed it too equal no of times I kissed first one
I love you I love you I said another thousand time to my woman

Then I scrolled her thumbs all over my body
It was so pleasant and I felt so cosy
Moving from head to eyes to nose and touching my lips
I felt aroused and blood flew through my hips
And then she caressed both my ears and my neck
This touch wasn't less than a million dollar cheque
Scrolling down and her thumbs made circles around my nipples
Then she reached my belly I couldn't stop my giggels

Those thumbs were strong to undress me out of boxers
I shied and turned around immediately of course
How could I reach my orgasm all alone
Making love with thumbs was only until day was gone
She didn't stop rubbing those thumbs all over my back
I wanted it so bad, I had her with me still I did lack
It was a lovely punishment I was enjoying
She took back her words but it would be annoying
I turned around and kissed them again a hundred time
I love you I love you I continued playing my rhyme

Then she kissed me so hard and made me to sleep
I sucked her thumbs and took them so deep
She moved closer and I slept with head over her chest
I kept saying I love you babe until we dreamed to rest.

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