Pirate Girl

Love's Thin Line - Poem by Pirate Girl

I hope I do not fall guilty to the simple crime
of rote and faulty endings that close in rhyme.
Phonetic phrases deadened by sweet abuse.
Rhymes dime worn thin by years of overuse.

Unchained by the maven madness that I speak
and try to sculpt in words though my talents weak.
I must proclaim in cadent form precisely what I feel
or offer mere dictums that the less fluent steal.

In my reticent soul a passion lay hidden;
your rekindling flames crept quietly and unbidden.
Yes, I believe all struggling artisans need a muse,
one to achieve for, worship and amuse.

It is you I have pedestaled to that high and lonely place
atop my mountain's glory with your shy and distant face.
I steadily climb to reach that cherished height
and read the words that charm your eyes in the moon's new light.

I do not even know if you cherish that stage,
though I am old in years, I fear more naïve with age;
yet, so much more that I dare not express,
what worth is flowing verse if it fails love's test.

We are miles apart yet I feel a deepening bond;
like a spring of sorrow flowing to a stale and treeless pond.
When I am near you, all that I am, my spirit soars
and that pond springs life and my life water pours.

I do not know the true feelings toward me that you harbor.
You mystify me, tender, yet hidden behind a shroud of silent armor.
I write my words to hasten, yet even perhaps delay,
the circumnavigation of your soul as our auras touch then move away.

I am vulnerable to the sharp point of thin lead
and plumb my heart for every emotion I ever felt or said.
I who write about murderous pirates and their seaward quest
moved to tears by a single pencil left upon my desk.

I hold that symbol of our dear humor as I write, then pause
to reflect on what you consider my strengths, and I my flaws.
I attempt to sharpen my wit and raise it to a point so fine
that my words will not falter me as I walk love's thin line.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Written by Captain Cur to his Pirate Girl Muse
as translated from his encoded diary.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, February 4, 2013

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