Ferrum Aquila

Love Story Of Princess And Peasant - Poem by Ferrum Aquila

I'm gonna tell you a story
A story not of the fame of Romeo Juliet
But had the love all the same
So here we go.......

It's a story of long long time ago
When it was the time of Kings and Queens
Knights rode in shining armour
Did everything possible to protect their kin

There was a big castle
Named Jabdoria
There was a small colony nearby
Victory Factoria

The colony was famous
For the fighters it created
And whenever they went on war
Never came back defeated

There was a family
They were Peasant
They had their menial work
It didn't matter if it was unpleasant

They had a boy
An expert combatant
But still
He's a Peasant

The family came in Factoria
For the boy had talent for fight
They wanted him to be a fighter
And he prepped for that day and night

Factoria treated them well
They had a good life
Boy was doing well
Giving his fellow students a good fight

Now Jabdoria had a Princess
Her beauty incomparable
Everyone tried to have her
But the King made sure she was unapproachable

She's the most beautiful girl
God ever created on earth
The purest soul
That ever took birth

The Queen wanted the Princess
To give everyone a proper fight
Because my friends
Those were the days of Peasant and Knights

So the Princess went to the fighting camp
Where the Peasant boy used to fight
And then it all happened
When she came into his sight

The boy fell in love
His senses became numb
He lost the grip on his shield
He lost the drill and had to yield

He fell in love with her
Didn't knew she was 'The Highness'
He wanted her badly
Because for him she was priceless

Next day at camp
They locked each other’s eyes
But maybe the Princess didn't see him
But to her, the Peasant was nice

Then he picked up courage
Talked to the lady for the first time
As he was confident with his sword
Sure he was confident this time

Their friendship grew
So did the rumours around them
The Princess started to hesitate
When talking to the Peasant

Then came the order
That there will be war
The Peasant volunteered to fight
Even though it'll take him far

The reason no one knew
He wanted to impress the highness
So one day when he'll be a Knight
He'll ask for the hand of Princess

But so naive was the Peasant
Didn't knew what was about to happen
And whether he be a Knight or not
He was and always be a Peasant

The war took its toll
Princess's letters kept him alive
By the time war ended
The Peasant was a Knight

He came back in glory and expressed his feelings
Princess was shy and consulted her friends
It turned out they approved of him being a Peasant
So she went on and said, 'Yes! ! ! '

The boy jumped with joy and his happiness had no bounds
Then came the time for celebrations and beer rounds
On top the world with tears in his eyes which he fought
He didn't knew that ugly plots against him were being sought

There was a Prince
He had a crush on Princess
And no matter how hard he fought
Always lost from the Peasant

Peasant considered him a friend
And was very good to the Prince
But as far as price was concerned
The boy was not with whom he would have a drink

So one day when the Peasant came to know
That Prince was trying on for the Princess
He went mad with rage and picked his sword
But Princess stopped the Peasant

The Peasant took the order
As he was her slave
Not because he was a Peasant
Because he was in love and tamed

It was going on well
Between the Peasant and Princess
The Peasant would come home
And they'll meet in secret

The Queen came to know
That Princess and Peasant were together
Maybe, it's not known exactly
She wanted that to last forever

She used to tease the Princess lightly
The Princess became paranoid
Then it was time for Princess
To take a trip Deltroid

For some unfortunate reason
She had to go there by night
And she met her cousins
She told them about her Knight

The Princess's aunt heard everything
She warned her about the Peasant
After all whether he as a Knight or King himself
He'll still be a Peasant

The Princess cried the whole day
Her aunt gave her sympathy
Damn those time my friends
The time not good for Peasantry

She came back and talked to her Knight
But the Knight knew he'll win the King
So told her to keep faith
And to keep strong her will

The Princess agreed
The they were happy again
But the Knight didn't knew
All this was going into vain

Days later some citizen questioned
Why was the Peasant Knighted?
His mind couldn’t comprehend the wisdom of such act
He talked about conspiracy and demanded actual facts

Knight’s battle records were shown
He fought well that was well known
The citizen was shooed away
But the Prince was waiting for this day

He pointed out with great happiness suppressed
How people made fun of the Knight
Whether she’ll be ready for this mess
When their relationship came into light

The Princess being so naïve
Prince’s words imprinted on her mind
Her value of Knight took a long dive
She asked him to leave her sight

Knight was dumb-folded, beyond words
That their love was only had that much worth
He promised such thing won’t happen again
All townspeople respect he’ll surely gain

Once the Knight was derping around
Made an innocent comment to a clown
A citizen friend of Princess heard him
He insulted the Knight, his brain was so dim

Knight proceeded to teach him some manners
He was not used to be insulted this way
A clean upper cut, square on his jaws
Made the citizen see stars in the day

But the citizen didn’t stand down
Brought along some of his buddies
Dimwit, brainless, nincompoop clowns
They had no idea he was trained in best military

Before they could be handled by the Knight
Princess came and broke up the fight
The Knight expected an apology from the clowns
But all he received was Princess’s frown

Confused as to what just happening
Why at the Knight she was frowning
He confronted her about her smiling and waving at the clowns
He found out that they were her friends in town

Knight had to hear a lot that day
It wasn’t his fault he explained in every way
Yet the Princess was angry at him for so long
And Knight’s feeling of being insulted was so strong

Yet he believed in her
He believed in love
And all the more
Believed in the almighty above

Days went past
The war grew thicker
Knight wasn't able to return home for days
And the Prince was trying to make the love thinner

Just after the end for 3rd war
He left his private wall unattended
It was only because Knight was preparing for 4th one
And was merely an over sight, a mistake unintended

Princess came to know through an attendant
And she was angry or maybe not
But she told the Knight to end this
And Knight was in shock

He went into battle but his mind was elsewhere
He got fatal wounds as if he wanted to end that then and there
Fought valiantly, suicidaly and almost died
But his friends saved the battle and saved his life

The Princess didn't knew this
She was busy being free from the Knight
What she didn't knew was
The Knight almost lost his life

The Knight became shattered
Never the one to lose something
Suddenly he lost someone most important
Who meant to him his everything

But little while later
The Princess wanted to come back
Knight injured in the fight
Couldn't send a proper msg back

This was the chance Prince was looking for
So that the Princess would forget the Knight
Being a Prince himself he made the Peasant look small
And Princess ordered the Knight to leave her sight

So then slowly slowly time flew by
The Princess was happy in her life
The Knight remained in the battlefield since that day
Waiting for his death with someone's blade

It didn't happened and he came back home
Decorated with honours’ and titles, he won all alone
The Princess was nowhere to be seen or be heard
Knight wanted her last sight before leaving earth

He did get what he wanted
The sight of Princess he always dreamed of
The Princess was getting married to The Prince
And the honour guard he was part of

The Knight was royal guards now
The elite of the elite
But the King didn't knew
That what coming to the marriage was a big fight

Battle broke out
Right in the middle of Jabdoria
The Knight had made good arrangements
Everyone was safe in Victory Factoria

Somehow the Princess and the Groom were left behind
It was a lost cause but his love made him blind
The Princess and the Groom were nowhere in sight
But the Knight still went there to fight

He fought valiantly
Fight was what he did all noon
He fought and fought and fought is way in
And saw how coward was Princess’s “PRINCE”

He didn't dare raise a sword to protect the bride
At least that much is expected from the Princess's choice
But Knight had a duty to perform no time to curse
Because with time the situation was becoming worse

He slashed and killed the enemy ruthlessly
And saw his friends falling helplessly
It killed him to find his regiment overrun
But he still had a job and it had to be done

He was near the fortification of Factoria
When a surprise attack came
The Knight was fully prepared
He fought and made them lame

But an archer was left
Hidden in the trees
The Groom saw it
But didn't dare kill him

As soon as the archer took aim
Knight knew who he's gonna strike
He jumped to cover the Princess
He hugged her tightly and saved her life

The arrow went through him
Light in his eyes becoming dim
Knight knew that his time is near
But he smiled without any fear

He fought his final battle
With his armour and shield shattered
Fencing with the enemy full of adrenaline thrill
He took the blow meant to kill him

The blade went through his chest
Looking for his heart
But enemy didn't knew this my dear friends
His heart was long lost

The Knight took that last blow
With a smile on his face
He died there saving the royal couple
That was his ultimate fate

But the Knight was happy
With a shining smile
What else would you have done my friend?
If you lived that life?

All he ever wanted was
To marry and love that Princess
But all he got was a horrible death
Why? Only because he was a Peasant

Somewhere I heard
That a love story is incomplete until the true lover dies
Yes it is true
For in this story the Peasant died

So this was the story
Of the Princess and the Peasant
Of the time long long back
When things were not good for Peasant

No matter how hard the Peasant tried
He wasn't able to win back the Princess
A whole regiment was killed
A love story ended wrong
Just because he was a Peasant
Just because that fact alone was so strong

I hope this doesn't happen to anyone
But now the time has changed
No more battles and Knights fighting anymore
No longer we have Peasants getting minced to gore

Thank you friends for bearing with me for this whole poem
And I do hope you people will like it
:) :) :) :) :) :)

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    falling in love and in love, good poem, thanks.
    I invite you to read my poems and comment.
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