Justin Churchman

Loving Lost Life - Poem by Justin Churchman

On a cool winter's day,
On a warm summer‘s night,
When one leaf doesn't stay,
When all the birds take flight,
It is then that I know you are there.
My heart starts to beat,
My mind suggests I sit down,
I have to take a seat,
I need to stop the frown,
It is God who knows what is right and fair.

It's hard to be strong,
It's hard to keep smiling,
You said it wouldn't be long,
You said the pain was piling,
I wished I could help you.
The helicopter flew quick,
The electricity pumped hard,
Your time began to tick,
Your thoughts became blank cards,
I found out angels flew fast too.

One death is a young girl,
One death is a young boy,
Both as beautiful as a glowing pearl,
Both filled with unmatched joy,
You took them both so young.
She and I laughed,
She and I stayed up all night,
I don't want to seem daft,
I just thought You would reward her fight.
You made our plans come unstrung.

As young as I was when he took his last breath,
As much as I smiled when we hung out,
My thoughts just stopped at death,
My ignorance caused me to pout,
Where do the angels hide?
It is now that I respectfully make a suggestion,
It is now that I cry out for help.
When have they known a transgression?
When did You miss their desperate yelp?
Where does fate and second chance collide?

Here is the question I wish to ask You,
Here are my thoughts, vivid and clear,
Please place Your solution in my view,
Please answer, even if it causes fear,
Will You reinstate the lives of those I lost?
Surely I ask many questions in time,
Surely I learn from mistakes and answers,
Still I feel this is no crime,
Still I ask that You restore the elegant dancers.
Will Your answer cover my heart with frost?

I know I have two angels watching me,
I know they protect me from all types of danger,
So hear me pray, listen to my plea,
So let them not become like a stranger,
If only they could live once more.
Everyone says let life flow,
Everyone says live like there is no tomorrow.
Why did she have to be afraid to live and let go?
Why couldn't I give him a few years to borrow?
If only they could walk through my door.

With their impact present again,
With their personalities so bright,
You would multiply people's happiness by ten,
You could help raise love to a new height,
They would make everyone believe and rejoice.
This plan is easy, strong, and simple,
This plan is necessary to strengthen a bond.
All people want to see is their cute dimple.
All things are possible when You respond,
They would show Your love after the choice.

Please consider all that I state,
Please know that it's for life and love,
Please think of what I carry in weight,
Please show everyone the God above,
Bring back our lost brother and sister.


Poet's Notes about The Poem

I had two very close friends who were like family to me that passed away when i was younger. The male passed away from a skiing accident in which they managed to revive him once and load him onto an airlift rescue chopper where he went brain dead and passed away. The other friend was a young lady who passed away from cancer at the age of 15. Please keep them in mind when reading this elegy.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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