Lye - Poem by TEDDY MOSES

A story was told of a forbidden tale,
A tale of two, upon who were cast a spell,
A story of the mighty and feeble that no one could tell,
A story whose pages were written in heaven, not in hell,
For even though they tried, fate did them no well.

They curved a sculpture and named a pet,
They painted all pictures and made them set,
They spread their fragrance upon whom they met,
They paired a wonder that everyone filled with elate,
But even though they tried, fate gave them no slate.

Their star rose higher by the day,
A compliment adorned the along the way,
They stunned the multitude in all array,
And gave hope to the pairs in pots of clay,
But even though they tried, fate gave them no shine in their lay.

Like a bottled up rage they grew stronger,
Like a new skill, they were all stranger,
Like the notes of a tune, they needed no messenger,
Like a bundle of joy, their hopes laid in a manger,
But even though they tried, fate gave them no plunger.

They stood many storms in all their cups,
They were met at many a times, with events in hiccups,
They fell many times, yet as many times had pickups,
They minced not there words or deeds with flaps,
But even though they tried, fate gave them no big-ups.

Now the forbidden tale is written in the stars,
A story that all hope it mars,
A story that every emotion it stirs,
A story that all gestures it elicits bars,
For even if they tried, fate gave them no bars.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, January 6, 2014

Poem Edited: Monday, January 6, 2014

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