Dieury Dumas

M.I.A.M.I: - Poem by Dieury Dumas

Money is the soul of life
Without it, you will never live
The best life of your time
It is the blood of the society
It is the engine of the globe
Wall Street is the right artery
Main Street is the left artery
For me money is like a battery
To boost everything in humanity
It is the language of the world
Universal passwords:
Dollar, Moolah, Benjamin,
Euro, Ruby, peso, yen
We depend on money
Show the money
You will see the light
If you have the money
You will buy a life
Give the money
Take over the world …
Is it only in the club
Papers are flying
Booties are dropping
Liquors are floating
Strippers are shaking
Down on the floor they can go
Party and sex are planning?
No! As we know
Where money is talking
Everything else is listening …
Asingle life is not enough
To live the good life
Yes! The good life
That Kanye is talking about
The life on B.E.T
The life on M.T.V crib
The life of Justin Bieber
The life on my dream
The life that I have to live …
Major it is to have your name
On Forbes 500 as king of hedge fund
Avatar cannot stop earning,
Financial big deal merger,
Your woman, cars, houses, clothes
Reflect how fat are your pockets
Your friends, investments and jets
Tell how important money makes you …
Issues will not help you
You will need to see Dr. Drew,
Think hard and bring thing,
Hustling is one kind way of life
Honest, clean, exciting, best living.
Even a dollar bill makes you feel great
No matter how, where you get your money
When you got paid, don't you feel like GOD.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, March 5, 2012

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