Abhijit Surve

Magic... - Poem by Abhijit Surve

Flashes of happiness, in bright daylight..
A kiss from an angel, in the middle of the night..
Our body does the salsa, our heart happily jives..
Sweet moments of joy, add Magic in our lives..

In our heart where love lingers in the air..
look and you'll find more magical moments there..
These magical moments, we shall always cling to..
Make wonderful memories as our life passes through..

The melody of a flute, the sweet scent of flowers..
The bright rays of sun, the thundering rain showers..
All this is Magic, moments that rekindle eternal flame..
Gives us the courage, to win life's every game..

God gave us some Magic in our glowing eye..
His arms that hold us and tell us not to cry..
There is Magic in our voice, when we talk each day..
This Magic is our smile, adds so much to what we say..

Magic in our heart, makes us bold, brave and true..
This is magic of feelings, shared between me and you..
Magic in our heart, is why we care so much..
magic in our hands, gives us that magical touch..

Magic is the rainbow throwing color's in the dark..
Shiny stars twinkling Magic, gives each night it's spark..
Magic are the waves, that try reaching the shore..
Magic is the sweetest fruit, we strive for more and more..

Added Magic to our emotions, is the reason we fall in love..
This world is the stage, the show is presented from up above..
God does his own tricks, pulls a bunny from his hat..
The Biggest Magic of my life, was the one moment we met..

Life teaches Magic, this is here that we learn..
The tricks to find peace, the tricks to have fun..
Float in the river of Magic, keep all sorrows at the bay..
Have a li'l 'Abra Ka Dabra...' in your life everyday...

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, March 1, 2009

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