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Magic - Poem by Grace V. Tidrow

You have magic in your finger tips,
Magic in your eye.
Magic in the arms that hold
And tell me not to cry.
There is magic in your voice
When you talk to me each day.
There is magic in your smile
And in the things you say.
there is magic in the way
You let me be myself with you.
There is magic that you teach me
To be good and brave and true.
I am growing older
And soon I'll go away,
But the magic that you taught me
Will go with me every day.

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Magic Poems

  1. Love And Black Magic

    To the woods, to the woods is the wizard gone; In his grotto the maiden sits alone. She gazes up with a weary smile At the rafter-hanging crocodile, The slowly swinging crocodile. Scorn has she of her master’s gear, Cauldron, alembic, crystal sphere, Phial, philtre—“Fiddlededee For all such trumpery trash!” quo’ she. “A soldier is the lad for me; Hey and hither, my lad! “Oh, here have I ever lain forlorn: My father died ere I was born, Mother was by a wizard wed, And oft I wish I had died instead— Often I wish I were long time dead. But, delving deep in my master’s lore, I have won of magic power such store I can turn a skull—oh, fiddlededee For all this curious craft!” quo’ she. “A soldier is the lad for me; Hey and hither, my lad! “To bring my brave boy unto my arms, What need have I of magic charms— ‘Abracadabra!’ and ‘Prestopuff’? I have but to wish, and that is enough. The charms are vain, one wish is enough. My master pledged my hand to a wizard; Transformed would I be to toad or lizard If e’er he guessed—but fiddlededee For a black-browed sorcerer, now,” quo’ she. “Let Cupid smile and the fiend must flee; Hey and hither, my lad.”

  2. Sonnet: The Magic Of Poverty

    A birth in poverty is luck supreme! A death in poverty, a great blessing; A life of poverty is rare a dream; Achievements great, stark poverty can bring. ’Tis poverty that goads nations do feats; ’Tis poverty that stimulates scientists; In everything, poverty, wealth just beats; The greatest men were in poverty’s lists. And poverty lessens our worries much; Account to God will be much easier; Poverty gives the saint a divine touch; In poverty, poets can fly higher! Poverty helps to shun worldly pleasures; A soul in poverty, Heaven allures. 9-14-2002

  3. ! Black Magic !

    Black was always your favorite color................... Like the inkwell that beckons the pen Like the night spangled with a million stars Like the sleek machine your ego rides Like the naked thoughts you dare not speak Black was the color you always chose................ To draw attention in a crowd To cover the splinters of your personality To pave the way for wayward spirits To separate you from the sheep I was always attracted to the blackness............. Of the color of your hair Of those eyes that enticed me Of the secrets deep within you Of the magic that enthralled me But that was when I followed blindly Down the path to my demise, When I drowned a thousand times Within the depths of those black eyes. 10/25/2008

  4. '' The Magic Of Books ''

    With her little hands, she scans each page and as she looks. She finds that she is mesmerized by the magic from these books. ~ By candlelight she reads each night and as the candle burns. She finds delight from the the magic of books with each page she turns. ~ For a moment, she's a princess dancing, in a castle she'd be prancing. Other times a ballerina, loved by all that came And seen her. ~ Yes, she loves these books to me she said. She keeps them neatly stored next to her bed. Each night she goes to sleep it seems she always dreams the same sweet dreams. ~ All the while she has a smile and as these thoughts dance through her head. ''She believes'' that there is really magic. In every page she's read... ***************************************************** ~TJW~

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