B. Sven Telander

Maigo-Yama - Poem by B. Sven Telander

…tremulous dreaming of morning dew
weary scythe of night is beaten again
noiseless speech of the sun stabs
amber shafts of ranged logic
flowers tongue the air harp
messages from the birds feathered
echo withered butterflies…

(a streamlined feline by the side of the road
watches a tortoise on the parallel lines)

…another short song,
an ode in a low church,
discourses with demons,
love-lies-bleeding by
a destitute prostitute,
naiads in the swimming pool
complain about chlorine…

shadowy passion of retrocognition
from subterranean veins of being,
analytic paralysis discard,
leave dwelling in broken
palaces of misconceptions
moving in joyous rage of engagement
omni-jective supra-liminal…

…phantom love, an eternal grave,
primitive cynics, barren players
flamboyant tomb flame cleft desires,
in curving snake-shaped swimming pool,
full with Bacchanalian platoons,
harlequintet and minotaurrents,
primal cherubs,
in search of the ethically spontaneous,
wounds rending deep
into the dead fresh ultramodern embryonic…

…guillotine handshakes, gas-chamber smiles,
electric chair whoopie cushions,
firing squad chorus line,
gallows manned by talented boy
scouts with badges on their chests…

[then those quavering wailing voices begging again for an end]

Topic(s) of this poem: confusion, consciousness, examination, existence, life and death, myths, senses, thought

Form: Free Verse

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, September 13, 2015

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