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Makes Me Wonder - Poem by Antony Zig

Looking in from the outside window of a woman's life, she's beautiful, has a glamours life and righteous kids, she's stands tall and gets out of a brawl by using her mighty wisdom.
It makes one wonder does she cry when there is thunder? ?
Talking to the woman face to face It's hard to keep up with her pace, as she enlightens the way you view life as an amusement and no burden and leads you to do right.
It makes one wonder has she ever been in a fight.
Filling in her shoes is a hard thing to do as she works 9-5 goes to college online cooks dinner clean the house exercise to stay in health makes sure the kids life is alright and barely has any time to herself
Makes one wonder does she ever fatigue or does she last all 12 rounds like the great Muhammad Ali.
Entering her mind is like crossing by a clay-more mine, you never see it coming she's had a hard past she's traumatized like the people whose ever been in a bad car crash. She's been used and abused until she sealed the door shut so no one ever knows what happened to her when she was a little girl.
Makes one wonder is there a way to heal her or is this the curse that will be the end of her.
I would lift her up and take the burdens in my arm as she showed me a new way of living so will I to her and never let no harm like that ever come again Her only son is the reincarnation of the guys who didn't show her that protection protecting her until the end of time.
But it makes me wonder does she trust me?

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

A personnel poem about my mom and how she was abused as a kid but no one (even her son) would never know. I found out when she got drunk and let it all out and It hurt me because in my eyes she is so strong but when you enter her mind she is like a little scared kid and I felt like the adult. I'm sure there are many people out here that has experienced this.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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