Markle The Hammer Poem by binti laye

Markle The Hammer

A day to drown has just dawned
All I want is cry with you
And be soaked in my own tears
Weep so much to cause a flood

Yet, in silence I bear these pangs
I knew it all before I joined the band
Never would it be a merry go round
They told me the crown is round
My scalp bleeds from the pins within the crown

Listen to my burdened heart
My tune is lost, I need no harp
A sonorous me now bleats,
All because I join the firm.
I seethe beneath the smiles
Because I will outgrow your vile
Strong you are, albeit for now.
Soon, I will pierce through
Remember the walls of Constantine
They, too, succumbed under the might of Fatih.

With time, I will be the alter
Upon wish you shall lay your platters
And then, brethren,
I will spit and scoff with laughter.

For that, I bear your vicious tabloid
I own the game and know the ploy
A game so well that you can't foil.

I'm the conqueror
In waiting!

Thursday, September 22, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: love ,hate,bear,pain
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