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Masquerades Of Imagination In Four Acts. - Poem by Igor Starov

Table of content

Act 1. The throes of childbirth.
Act 2. The Man of Sorrows.
Act 3. Exequies.
Act 4. Through the night woods of my dream. Postlude....

(All'ultimo uditorio)

Take a journey
Into imagination,
Those distorted
Sculptures of thoughts.

Thorns of the Rose
Entwined the Reality,
By ludicrous carriage
Rides our tomorrow.

Divine Worship....
Spiritual Odyssey....
Oh Mother,
Please pray for us! ! ! !
In front of
Cricifixion Cross,
I'm standing on my knees
....and pray! ! ! ! (Heartsore)

Act 1.

Just see how lyrebird
Flying among trees and up
....to turquoise sky,
Feel the gravitation....
The Motherhood Attraction....

The nightingale song of Eros,
The luscious smell of verdure,
Will-o'-the-Wisp, the lust....
Silver birch groves and the widowed willows.... teardrop....
The child has born

Windswept trees weeping
By the golden fields windrows,
Young mother, she wound her arms round the child

Silence.... (Pause)

- Now you hear the violin
crying? ! - This is the child wake-up....


Act 2.

Harmony of the Earth....
Liquid mirror lochs....
Under lock and key's
Thy heartache castle.

Oh Mother,
Please pray for us! ! ! !
In front of the cross,
I'm standing on my knees
....and pray! ! ! ! (Heartsore)

We are given up for lost
Making the sign of the cross,
On behalf of goodness
The Evil One occured and
Crossed our minds...

The old broken life clock
Starts ticking.... ticking like the river, from which my goodness flow and dies at sea, like
Widow's teardrop....


Act 3.

Madonna Lily
Reduced me
To tears.... It's enough
To make the angels weep....

Gravestone eyes were
Watering by my flower,
It's sorrows.... a far away land.

Our suffering old Mother Earth,
Please forgive me! ! ! !

As white as a sheet
Under us she has a shield,
By the sun at day
and the moon at night she
makes sheep's eyes.
Sheeted rain is like
Wearing shawl on your head,
You are wrapped in our
of the golden hair
Existentialism fields.

Sheet lightning in
the night sky,
Thundercloud playing
a medieval shawm.... We are
wrapped up in slumber....

Divine Worship....
Spiritual Odyssey....
Oh Mother,
Please pray for us! ! ! !
In front of
Cricifixion Cross,
I'm standing on my knees
....and pray! ! ! ! (Heartsore)

....and the river of goodness
has channeled its way through unhallowed rocks....


Act 4.

Travelling through
The night woods
of my dream,
The moon lead
You by the hand,
By the hand of
My lachrymose amour.

A breath of fresh wind
Will largely embrace,
Nearby you'll see
a meadow full of
Inflorescence.... and
Sotto voce will mourn....
- Oh! - Yes, you'll be sottish
and.... will take a deep
breath of inspiration....

Silvery night's
my bonny princess,
Nocturnal owls
will sing to you
romances on the leafy,
branchy oaks.
A blades of grass
murmuring by the morning
dewdrop, a meadow
sown with a camomiles and
demure' daisies spread a
splendour carpets to
a silvern hand-painted sky;
A sorceress moon turned
into an eagle,
laid down the wings,
preparing herself for sleep....

- Can you hear the rustle
of deciduous trees? ! - It's mine
sorrowful spirit shed tears
by the pouring rain.... (Pause)


The dawn slaughtered
the sky, making a fiery scar.
The flowery sky
turned into a murrey muscat
pouring vine over....

That's my awakening!

I opened my eyes,
but it was a
deep night and
the moon 'Her Majesty'
shined into my eyes.


The end.

Topic(s) of this poem: dreams, earth, feelings, human, imagination, metamorphose, nature, religious, sorrow, tears

Form: Prose Poem

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