Maternal Winter Poem by Ella Yaron

Maternal Winter

Rating: 5.0

Slowly, as a child makes its first step
I hand over to you my trust

Within this basket
Lie all my dreams and fears

And I watch you, watch them
Your fingers cradling it hungrily.

Nestling my head to your cold breast
I hear, within its cage
Your hollow heart

Thud, Thud, Thud
Your blood pumps only for you
You live to live
Not to give life

But as I, stricken, begin to turn away
I hear an echo
Of the unspoken:
Your love lost in translation

Or was I merely hoping?

Not all mothers want to be mothers
But all children want a mother

'Please mummy,
I don’t understand
Why I still battle on
Seeking the impossible

Please mummy,
A fragment of love
Not too cold, warm enough to last
To grasp onto
When the nights roll in
When the darkness shrouds me

Please mummy,

I seek a mother'

Who cannot be found.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: mother
Elvis Addae 27 January 2020

Not all mothers want to be mother's But every child wants a mother 😓 deep❣️

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Yash Shinde 03 May 2014

a heartfelt and lovely write..........the last line is really poignant.............lovely dear!

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