Me, Us, And You Poem by Rin Kathy

Me, Us, And You

Very long and troubling times,
Await a soul such as mine,
I longed for a human,
Child or teen,
Yet ‘till you came,
No one else did,
And I found that,
When you played,
I played too,
For when you were near,
I was a part of you,
When you played,
And laughed,
Or cried,
When you climbed,
Or fell,
I felt it all,
And for that short time,
When you were there,
I was with you,
Felling as you,
The world as it felt,
But that was long ago,
Before you left me,
The day was raining,
It felt like my tears,
That ran through my branches,
And fell on the woman besides you,
The day was long,
And my feelings strong,
Then before you left,
You sang with her,
You danced with her,
And then you prayed,
My branches holding you up,
And she did too,
It is you and her now,
It was you and me,
Your heart torn,
Between leaving and staying,
The past and the future,
Childhood and adulthood,
You dared not make the decision yourself,
You prayed and hoped,
That the answer would be true,
I tried and whisper I love you,
Then a gust of wind,
Took my words away,
And gave you the answer,
That had been hoped for,
This gust moved her closer to you,
A wisp of hair,
Flowing to you,
And touching your hands,
Folded in prayer,
That was the answer that was it,
For then you left,
And I was alone,
And I may never pray,
My branches never meet,
And my mouth can’t move,
Else I eat the birds,
And their nest there,
I longed to be one of those birds,
So I may fly to you,
Hoping you will fly to me,
Wasn’t it always like this,
Me, us, you,
Or for you was it different,
I met my fate,
From me, us, and you.

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