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At the end of the earth
We met
Shyly we shook hands
Our gazes met

Deep in thought,
Are you
Yes, I know that one,
In the corner,


If you were,
To meet,
The dream,
Where would you be?

Just waiting,
For a good excuse,
Not to do my obligation,
To a dear friend,

It is I,
The one knocking at your door,
The only one whom you have not yet entrusted
with a key to your heart,

When the wind, rain, snow, and everything work together,
A castle of secrets is born out of air,
With this castle flags fly high,
And not a soul shall ever walk by.

If a dragon hath a heart,
Then we shall all do our part,
And go down to the end of the world,
While a third of the party,

Very long and troubling times,
Await a soul such as mine,
I longed for a human,
Child or teen,

When you are young,
You are told by everyone,
That you as a child,
You are always wrong,

There it sits
Is its spine
Glaring at you?
You told yourself


Harsh, destructive
Burning, jumping, spreading
Arms, tendrils, currents, swirls


We rush it
We don’t stop
Or enjoy simple things
We run the track

Just because I’m German
I’m not a Nazi
I’m not all “out with the Jewish”
I’m not into coco clocks

In the ship comes sailing
In comes the tide
Here comes imagination
If I choose it will be at my side

Now I must part
And another must start

Give them a chance

You fall
You splatter
and gladden

Give me your hand
and we shall dance
Give me yourself
and we shall dance together

My sister is boring,
her personality is shot,

she is becoming popular,

There the girl wandered,
Her hair coated with confetti snow,
It glitters like mad,
as she slowly approaches,

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Unrelated Twins

At the end of the earth
We met
Shyly we shook hands
Our gazes met
And we see a likeliness
Each other is like ourselves
The one who made us made us twins
A girl and a boy
Reality and fantasy
I see myself in you
And you in me
As we talked
Time went on
The day passed by
You and I
Have yet to part
Like to puzzle pieces
Once separated
Now together
Yet, soon to again be apart
Me and you
You and I
Watch the sunset
And together walked
Back to earth

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Rin Kathy Popularity

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