Stephen Holloway

Me=you - Poem by Stephen Holloway

Why must you be you?

Why must I be me?

, me + you =
='s light.
Nothing more than that which
I needed.
I never thought,
, Dreamt
Or even imagined that you


The lights dance and sing…
Reminding us that we are Still
And that the feelings
The explosions of feelings
Is not a lie.

I love the way
How we
Com(Stevie) bi(bridget) ne
So well.

You inspire me in ways
Word nor tongue can truly


that fleeting thought
the feeling like a bird reach
escapes my….
That perfect way…
The words fail me

And in the moment, in the moment when
Our eyes=

I realize.
The millions of feelings,
The thousands of colors, lights, and sounds

All combined, thousands upon millions of stars, all looking down on


Can be summed up in three words.

i love you.

I love you!
I LOVE YOU! ! ! !

I cannot deny that which my heart is
screaming! ! !

I love you! ! You complete me! You make
That which was missing, like

Sometimes I wonder….
How is it possible that one person
(albeit someone as amazing as you)

can control the meaning
of my being?
who I am? ? !
1) you make me smile
2) you make me laugh
3) happy
4) ecstatic
5) blissful
6) cheerful
7) captivated
8) intoxicated
9) sunny
and every other thing
you can imagine.


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Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 12, 2012

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