Megaphonics For Nature

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Attention shoppers. Attention all shoppers.
Breaking news for all Poemhunter shoppers:

The war on pollution is over.
Big business has come to its senses.
Clean water and clean air is the number one
priority on the planet.
Ecology is the now the biggest
growth industry of all time!

The oil companies have thrown in the towel.
Solar power, wind power, and tidal power can now fuel
our silly little selfish transportation toys.
Nuclear waste and nuclear power is history.
I repeat, nuclear power is history.
Never again will we fear eggplants larger than a Humvee!
19th century combustion engine technology
has finally been put to rest.
Man has moved out of the industrial revolution
and into the Age of Green.

Attention shoppers. Attention all Poemhunter shoppers.
More breaking news:

Genetic engineering is over.
The world agrees: there is a higher power and a better plan
than warring and mining and garbage dumping.
God does not play dice with the universe
(chess perhaps, but not craps) .

The masses have finally awoken!
Ecology and common sense have been resurrected.
Nature is protected from human stupidity.
Chief Seattle is the new the new hero of the age.
John Muir is on a Wheaties box.
Even stupid white men are investing in reason.

Attention shoppers. Attention all Poemhunter shoppers:
No one owns the earth.

Michael Shepherd 14 November 2004

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