Stephen Roxborough Poems

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someday everyone will be wise in the future
everyone will be sensible and forward thinking
wear sensible shoes and act accordingly in the future
wise action according to everyone will be the act

Virginia Woolf In Hollywood

an article in a prestigious journal
claimed she won the Oscar because
they made her act with a rubber nose
the nose transformed her

Secret Religion

she wants me to be her private
jesus she wants me to grow
a scraggly beard
and speak in parables she wants

Wife Of Prometheus

she was a heavy writer
everyone of significance agreed
even weighty critics raved on

Sail On (Magellan's Mantra)

the church says the earth is flat but i know its round
for i've seen the shadow on the moon and have
more faith in the shadow than the church because
the church says the earth is flat but i know its round

Megaphonics For Nature

Attention shoppers. Attention all shoppers.
Breaking news for all Poemhunter shoppers:

The war on pollution is over.

Bukowski In High School

donated his mind and body to science

experimented with sweet cheap wine that
coated his stomach in wrong cough syrup

Paradise Squandered

my body is a temple i shall not want
it tempts me to lie down in greener pastures
seeding impure thoughts for lush gardens
of flowering flesh lusting for loaded pistols