Zishan Mahmud

Memories From Midnight - Poem by Zishan Mahmud

Ssshh lil' one, don't make a noise,
The evil one's lurking, he may hear your voice,
I know, untold fears creep into your mind,
Perhaps in sleep, solace you'll find...

The night is long, it's dark outside,
Don't you worry, I'll stay by your side,
Albeit the fear, I'll tuck you in,
Under blankets, you'll be safe within...

The light's flickering, I fear it'll go out,
There's a breeze blowing, eerie it sounds...
The withered leaves rustle, dancing to its tunes,
Memories from midnight, my friends in solitude.

Look at the fireflies, little beacons of hope,
Elusive they are, but a sight to behold,
Yet I fear they may be lost to a sorry plight,
Engulfed, lured in by the deceptive night...

The nocturnal mist drifts, a subtle delight,
Do you wonder child, what treasures it hides?
But let not your senses run hitherto, dear one,
The canopy of gloom may descend...and ruin all the fun...

Smile little child, it'll be all right,
Lest you be afraid, I'll hold you tight.
Sleep assured dear, the night will be gone soon,
For dawn nears as we speak...bringing with it a dulcet bloom...

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Poem Edited: Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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