Memory Lane

Memory Lane

Sometimes, I like to slip away,
To slip away, into a place where no one knows..
Where no one knows the feelings, the pain, the countless tears,
No one but my bleeding heart, will ever know this place..

Its not a fancy dwelling, Its not a happy corner,
No, its not the crowded bar..
This place, a lot of you will never know.. For only those, who been through suffering and pain,
Will ever know, this place, and what its called..

You can’t just walk to it, You can’t just drive your car,
Oh no! You cannot even land a flight! To get to this, this safe house, this retreat..
You must be willing, to open up your heart, And listen carefully, to these words of advice..
I’ll tell you, how I reach this place of refuge.. This place I called ‘Memory Lane’..

On those days, when life seems overwhelming,
When all I see around me, is life falling apart..
I close my eyes, and travel with my mind.. I travel back to when you were still here!
When I still cradled you and held you in my arms!

Oh yes! The years fly by.. but you can never fade away!
On days like this, it stings like it was yesterday!
They say that all wounds heal, oh what a lie!
That wound is always there! Theres always gonna be that scar!

And no one will be able to understand,
How such a painful place, can bring peace and reconcile..
To such a broken, torn up heart! But yes, it does, it really does,
And its the only remedy thats known to work..

Oh my dear friend, before you show your anger at someone,
Before you cut through them with hurtful words or violence..
Just take a look into there eyes.. Just one attentive look,
And you might see the pain, the tears, the fading light,

Who knows, today might be the day,
When they decide they just can’t hold on any longer! The day that they decide, the fights not worth the while,
And your act of carelessness, might be the one, to push them overboard,
That line between life and death, that line once crossed, has no return..

Instead hold out your hand, and say some words of love,
For you might be the one, To mend that broken heart..
And keep that light, The light of life,
Still glowing brightly, In somebody’s eyes...

Topic(s) of this poem: Death

Poem Submitted: Monday, April 14, 2014

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

Written about my little bro, I miss him so much! He battled cancer since day 1 and passed away a week after his second birthday..

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