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Mere Mortal Men Realizing Their True Potential | Wisdom Prose - Poem by Anna Maria

As 'ask not what can [my Alma Mater] do for me?
But what can I do for her? '
of Choate School's headmaster George St. John
morphed into John F. Kennedy's inaugural
'ask not what your country can do for you-
ask what you can do for your country, '

should we not also take it farther?

No doubt, by now, countless individuals
have applied this thinking to our beautiful Mother
as something along the lines of
'ask not what the Earth can do for me,
but what can I do for her? '-a noble idea.

But why stop there?

How long will we remain
so foolishly small in our thinking?
Are we not part of a solar system?
a galaxy?
Are we not little more than ants
in the vast expanse
of a multidimensional universe?
And yet, though mere ants,
are we not just as much a part of everything
as everything else?

And speaking of ants,
just as each one
naturally behaves as part of a greater whole-
the colony,
when will we,
Earth humans,
begin to think and live in oneness with each other
so that we may finally acknowledge and embrace

our oneness with the cosmos?

And no, not just with our universe,
but with the many dimensions of our universe
and beyond-
is there more than one universe?
How will we ever find out
if we stay stuck squabbling amongst ourselves
over a never ending stream of senseless stupidities?

As the saying goes, 'two heads are better than one.'
If we all put our heads together
for the betterment of all others,
rather than banging our heads against each other
with enslavements,
and oppression,


there will be no limit
to the amount of goodness and wonder
we can explore, develop, and enjoy


Let us not think of what we can get,
take advantage of,
or use
for our own selfishness.
Let us not think of what the universe-
the cosmos—
can do for us.
Let us think of how we
can help, serve, and grow
with all others

from all worlds,
and dimensions

in a mighty way for good.
Let us think
of how we can love, honor, respect and reconnect
with our higher, infinite, creator self.
For it is becoming increasingly more evident

that we are one.

People may say
'what can we mere mortal men do? '
Some of our religions go so far as to say
that we are totally helpless and incapable
of doing any good thing,
and therefore,
in need of a magical savior.

Ah, but this is misguidance-
mind control
intended to keep us from realizing our true potential.

For we are not mere mortal men!

We are immortal
'spiritual beings
having another human experience.'
We, ourselves,
are multidimensional beings
and capable of so much more
than we have been led to believe.

I do not claim to know
what we can do for others
outside of our world,
or this physical plain,
but I suspect there is much we can do
to contribute for good
outside of ourselves and what we know,
and I suspect it has something to do
with consciousness,

and light.

if we start with love,
and letting go of ego
within ourselves,
our families,
our societies,
and our world,
the universe may open new opportunities
for growth
and service to others

that far exceed anything we can presently conjure up in our most fabulous dreams.

And by now,
haven't we learned

that 'it is more blessed to give than to receive? '

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