Mind Games Poem by Laura Bigelow

Mind Games

I was scared at first,
Staying solid as steel.
Then i started to like you,
So i kept it real.

I opened up,
And took one step at a time.
A little shook from my past,
Could i make you mine?

Thing started happening,
And who knew how quick.
I was dropping my boundaries?
It had to be a mind trick.

In my head, all this physical wasn't for me.
But my boy was thinking differently.
I kept saying, There had to be more,
Like emotionally & psychologically.

How "i'm feeling", was his question of the day.
After a while, I sealed up,
and had nothing to say.
I know now, that He didn't really want to know.
It was all part of a game. It was all for show.

Now I know what I want, and hes in someone elses arms.
Putting the words out, that are only meant to charm.
That's the last time i'll let a man into my head.
That's the last time i'll let someone love me, only in bed.

Listen hard as i type pour this out.
Crazy as it seems,
Love really is what its all about.
Love of a job thats underpayed.
Love of spare time, sitting in the shade
Love of a child,
To comfort when ill,
Love of a heart,
That still has room to be filled.

Friday, February 20, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: relationship
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