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My words to you meant nothing,
And that was so hard for me to see.
I was at such a young age,
How niave could I be?

My soul is bruised,
But I don't cry.
My heart is broken,
But I won't tell you why.


The clouds are rolling in,
And the rain's comming fast.
Don't you wish you said 'i love you',
More in the past?

I was scared at first,
Staying solid as steel.
Then i started to like you,
So i kept it real.

Playin Games and hurting you,
is the last thing i wanted to do.
Sending mixed emotions
that you couldnt read.

Three sets of footprints left, in the sand.
Paints a beautiful picture of Love holding each others hands.
A son, a daughter and a young mother, enjoying each other.
Each one laughing at the other.

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I Was Too Young

My words to you meant nothing,
And that was so hard for me to see.
I was at such a young age,
How niave could I be?

I felt my tension rising
As you pressured wanting more.
I was still a little girl.
Its not my fault I hadn't yet scored.

Weeks turned to months,
And I still had refused.
But I still felt so violated,
And in a twisted way,
Mentally abused.

I wasn't ready.
I knew and told you so.
I thought you'd known what I was saying
Everytime I told you "No."

Now if there's anything that you remember,
Please let it be this.
Never get close enough to anyone,
Especially those you kiss.

They always seem to let you down,
In one way or another.
It could be a Father, Brother, Sister, Friend.
Maybe even your Mother.

So I made a bad choice just to keep you,
So I finally said "Yes".
It was over before I knew it,
Morals and virginity, gone.
They weren't important, I guess.

Years later you cheated. I cried.
You apologized.
I believed your words,
And I'll never know why

A couple kids later,
And quite a few tears,
I finally got strong,
And said good bye to our years.

On my own,
Now I feel so free!
Free to be who I'm supposed to be.
Free, away from that chains that held me.
Free from the burden of the lies that you told me,
and most of all,
Free from the man who stole me.

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