Njousi Abang

Mind Setting - Poem by Njousi Abang

One is born free but everywhere he is in chains
So professes the Western sage
As a baby, they begin to drum in hard
The exclusive elements that isolate you
The discriminatory and divisive elements
Those elements that make you hate or love
Those elements that sometimes upset you
And make you behave in tele-guided ways
That are sometimes strange to you and all
They implant all those elements that send you crazy
And ready to fight and die and hate yourself for it
Only much later when it's all over and done with
And reason begins to take precedence over folly
Do you really discover how much you had erred?

Anybody would have been your parent
You could have been born into any family
You can fit into any geographical setting
Black and white or coloured strive in all climes
And none of the races are more human
Than others nor did they pay a price
To be born and bred under the setting
In which they find themselves
No religion is more superior in the eyes of God
He placed us where we are for His divine purpose
We are children of the universe
No less than the trees and stars
Those who grow beyond self-imposed limitations
And navigate out of the cave
Shall inherit the earth and the heavens
Families, tribes and races
Countries and continents and above all religion
Are just products of mind setting
Which begin from birth
And ends very late in life
Except when one gains liberation
And the spirit of discernment
That bring about the evil effects of mind setting,
Which is the cornerstone of most of the evil
That reigns supreme on earth.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 13, 2012

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