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Mischevious Sounds, - Poem by dakota not.telling

Hear the broken Robins Cry,
The Cold sharp wind lets a bloody sigh...
As the little Girl Whispers a lullaby.

She's scared and alone,
No where for her to go..
She hears your voice and knows she's home..

Your scared and denying,
She's kicking and fighting.
You'd never Admit you knew she was dying..

Shes gone now... Your worlds Dark, ,
All along she was the light in your black heart.
Your fighting the urge to fall apart..

All the sudden its dark, your hurt...
Your bleeding, DYING? ! Well Good-Bye world..
Now your 6 feet under forgotten Dirt,

The dead bodies are coming for you,
Telling you mistakes you thought no one knew? !
I hope you now know this is what hate can do, ,

U realize you aways needed her in your head, ,
Too Bad you both died, Face it shes dead! !
Dont you wish you'd picked her instead? ! ? !

Then you wake up.. Its still dawn.
She turns over with a stretch and a yawn.
Your nightmare is over, but you cant move on.

You turn around kiss her all over, ,
You move under the covers,
You know now you NEED her, You LOVE her! !

You thought you lost your baby girl..
What if you really had lost your world?
Your stomachs in knots, everythings blur,

Make sure she knows, ALL THE TIME,
Because she reallly is your source of light.
You know without her... You'd die.

(Side note for this poem, I hate explaining my poems i hope people look for the meaning but if you dont get it, I shall explain. Okay there is a guy and a girl, The guy ends up leaving the girl for stupid reasons.. 'Mistreating her' and hes having a nightmare. And in the nightmare, shes dying, then he dies, of sadness. And when he wakes up he realizes he never wants to mistreat her again, because he loves her. And thats the explanation simply, Yes i can be deep for a 13 year old girl :) Hope you liked it)

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, August 29, 2010

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