Miss Do Not Miss Poem by gnrao rao

Miss Do Not Miss

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Miss can miss her class,
But she does not miss
her home-work.

So she comes to school
Also gives homework
for the students.

she forgets that the
students are very young,
And they a lot to play
and lot to learn
and Observe.

Each miss gives the
homework, homework and homework
No end,

coming from school, tired
take a little rest,
Parents ask the kids
to do their homework.

They do with hatred
and grudge for all their
teachers each one gave

Never ending, no time
to have the pleasant
company of mom and
the brother and the sister
of play with the baby
of the neighbor,
or watch the cartoons
in the T.V.

Write, write, write
pages after page,
copying from the
text book all the

No time to revise,
Only time to complete
If not completed
get the remarks
from the miss.

Have I gained anything?
I have become another
Robot in the hands
of parents and miss.

I miss my young age
and its pleasures.
I have no place to play
I have no time to exercise,
I do not play any games,
When by chance we go to
any party,
we play video games of
killing, shooting,
at the planes
and shooting the enemies.

Here also I learn nothing.
What my grandfather
and my father enjoyed
in his childhood
is only in the speeches
and talks and topics
for conversation.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: father and son,fathers
Kumarmani Mahakul 11 October 2017

Students play, observe and learn. An amazing poem is shared here.10

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