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We think forever for salvation,
We cannot live in separation.
Father is great solves situation,
Continuous is human migration.

Why does a person fear?
Why does he or she lose cheer?
How does a person achieve?
How does one get mischief?

On changeable Earth human beings are wise,
They want to perpetuate the progress in rise.
Some vie in earning wealth to live happily,
Attractive edifices they build to reside properly.

Old year has passed with last night,
New year has arrived with shiny light.
Brightness is covered all over sky,
Weather has opened her twinkled eye.

Beauty is seen daily in poetic duty every day,
Cutie is our Poem Hunter Family all here say.

Far across the globe poets unite here to write,

Oh dear poets, dear poets of the world,
Readers make you great, readers decide rank,
Readers make you popular, readers are secular,
No jealousy can hamper, no one can temper,

Quack, quack says the duck,
"Be wake of quack and the hulk.
Avoid avidity accept avid,
Play with good boy like David."

Family is a familiar word, everybody does know,
It is a set of relation, can you say no?
The set is just combination of children and parent,
There members of households and relatives are inherent.

Poem Hunter pretty queen rules this site,
Every poet writes poem with lovely light.

Every reader waits to read poem of the day,

Poem Hunter you are really a pretty queen,
You are ruler we are people we are tween.

Gene of poetry you inherit for generation,

Attention! Attention! Attention!
Oh dear poets and visitors all,
Attention you pay towards titles,
Towards this poem of notification,

This is the life which is full of care,
Persons like this attitude are found rare.
Tolerance is too difficult to bear in body,
Such persons are there to speak truth ready.

Music is an art of combining vocal sounds,
It is combination of instrumental sounds those bounds.
It bounds the harmonious sounds of many,
In an expressive way it pleases, removes agony.

A subtle tenderness is brought up
All plants have twisted faces,
Identification is made for life,
Beauty's glance is enlightened,

Seamstress waits and sews to repair,
As the new rising will happen,
With righteous little earning
She still loves and lives happily

Oh, really this is a great pleasure
To read the poems of Sylvia Frances Chan,
The Dutch Poetess of brilliance and humanity,
The World Traveller of time and dignity,

Twisting back to time old memory we see,
Love builds heaven at home love is the key.

Sea of emotion floats in waves of joy light,

Soul comes to play on this earth,
Entering in a body he takes birth.
It is wonder soul doesn't able to know,
He performs action, tries to drink snow.

Dear Poet, the poet, poet you have asked a question,
"Who has created God? Who has created God? "
Many ask in same way as you have asked me"
God is one, he is Self Originator is beyond time.

She is great, great and great
Chanting the greatness of truth
Hereby I declare that she is
A great noble poetess!

Kumarmani Mahakul Biography

Kumarmani Mahakul takes birth at a holy moment as the youngest son of Bamancharan Mahakul his father and mother Pira Devi Mahakul in village Gandam of undivided Sambalpur district Currently belongs to Deogarh district in the Indian state of Odisha. Kumarmani’s father Bamanacharan was associated with Mahima Alekh Dharma and sometimes he was visiting to Joranda. From his childhood he had seen many oblation of Akhanda Jangyan performed at his home premises arranged by his grandfather Sj. Harihar Mahakul and father Sj. Bamancharan Mahakul where many monks of Alekh Dharma, Buddhist Monks, Jaina Monks, Baishnavas, Shaivas and Shaktas were attending the ceremonies. Further saint Baba Shyamsundar Das was also visiting his home frequently. He had got spiritual motivation from his early age. His father was well known in the region. Many Christian Missionaries were also visiting to his home frequently and he had got the influence of Biblical Knowledge. Kumarmani keeps interest for art and culture from his early teenage and involves in service of rural art, education, culture, drama, and ritualistic village festivals. He is graduated in art and education both and post graduated in Education Master of Education, M.Ed from Sambalpur University. He keeps interest in writing from his early age. He too gives time for research in personal level for the development of children and educational management and his research articles are published in the world reputed international journals. Kumarmani Mahakul has received President’s Silver Medal in 1991 for his excellent performance in census duty of that time. He is widely and globally supported by many reputed international poets, writers and personalities and as per the world poetry database information as indicated in Treasure Island Statistics in PH he is being placed 210 times in the world top ranking, among top 500 popular poets of the world. He has also got a 5th position in Treasure Island Standings World ranking in PH for last five years where Indian Poet Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal from Gujarat holds the top most position for last 10 years. Also he is declared as a Gold-star poet. He spends his happy life with his spouse Bhargabi Dei Mahakul, who also inspires him a lot for writing and he has two sons. Poetess Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon from Mumbai describes him as Most Respected Poet where as famous world traveller cum certified evangelist, Dutch Poetess Sylvia Frances Chan describes him as Master Poet. Poetess Professor Valsa George and poetess Savita Tyagi have congratulated him for being placed among top 500 poets of the world for several times. However Poetess Bharati Nayak adding her note mentions that review comments of Kumarmani are depth of spiritual and devotional essence. SJ Holland has added a note and mentioned Kumarmani Mahakul as an outstanding poet. Famous and great Poet of Hindi States, Rajnish Manga Ji has expressed his wonder after reading and reviewing Hindi poems of his. Kumarmani Mahakul is basically a spiritual poet and believes in universal spirituality, secularism, the world brotherhood, unity, love and peace. Kumarmani Mahakul is a fearless poet and poet of peace. Kumarmani is associated with Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University and serves for spiritual development of people across the country. He gives training in different camps to interested candidates for practicing meditation, about spiritual values and spiritual development. He is also known as BK. Kumarmani or BK Kumarmani Mahakul or Brother Kumarmani or Prince Kumarmani. However many describe him as Emperor Lion of the World Poetic Kingdom.)

The Best Poem Of Kumarmani Mahakul

Life Has A Meaning

We think forever for salvation,
We cannot live in separation.
Father is great solves situation,
Continuous is human migration.

While we come we see garden,
Man becomes here its warden.
We cannot escape from work,
We have to walk in row of murk.

Life has its own meaning here,
We have to live in time in cheer.
Fear we do not we think again,
In joy and grief we do remain.

Pain we wash with water nice,
Here we read book we see thrice.
Ice melts by getting sun rays sure,
By his wisdom we become pure.

Nature is such beautiful narration,
Life has a meaning and celebration.
Glory of father we sing in adoration,
Father of heaven gives love vibration.

Kumarmani Mahakul Comments

Kumarmani Mahakul 25 May 2020

BEST WISHES AND THANK TO ALL REVIEWERS FROM: Poet Kumarmani Mahakul, Ranked #309 on date 23 May 2020, Saturday, Ranked # 320 on date 24 May 2020, Sunday, #334 on date 25 May 2020 on top 500 poets of the world (As per the World Poetry Database Information)

27 1 Reply
Kumarmani Mahakul 21 May 2020

I thank all poets and poetesses including poetess Sylvia Frances Chan and poet Mohammed Asim Nehal for their valuable comments and best wishes given on my poet page. May God bring unlimited happiness and fortune for them all! BEST WISHES FROM: : : : Poet Kumarmani Mahakul #365 on top 500 poets of the world. (AS per the world poetry database information rank on date 21 May 2020, Thursday)

25 1 Reply
Sylvia Frances Chan 22 May 2020

Dear Respected Master Poet Kumarmni Mahakul Sir, TODAY you are now ranking on #364 on top 500 poets, again I CONGRATULATE YOU and I do not exaggerate, you deserve so well this place. #364 of the world (As per the information of the World Poetry Database, Rank #364 on Top 500 Poets TODAY Friday 22th May 2020 with all Respect Gratefully yours from Sylvia Frances Chan - The Netherlands. Wishing you more success!

25 1 Reply
M Asim Nehal 17 May 2020

My hearty Congratulations for all your poems featured on PH and eventually being placed on all time list of great poets, your untiring efforts deserves all accolades, May God Almighty raise your position even higher than this and provide you with good health and sound mind to keep writing and serving the poetic world.

22 0 Reply
Ramesh T A 24 May 2020

Your assessment of Poets are interesting to read; but without the support of other poets, they are ever kept in oblivion in PH! When will genuine Poets of great skill be appreciated by all here?

19 0 Reply
Sylvia Frances Chan 27 January 2024

Most deserving QUOTE Of The Day. TODAY. CONGRATULATIONS, Respected Master Poet Kumarmani Sir. Excellently worded TOP Marks!

0 0 Reply
Rebecca Navarre 24 September 2023

Dear Kumarmani, Your poetry lift people's heart's and brings reflections and Praise to Our Lord! .. Thank you dear Sir for such! ..

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Dr Dillip K Swain 06 March 2023

But he has left this mortal world leaving behind his invaluable creations...RIP

3 0 Reply
sekharan pookkat 06 March 2023

Best wishes sir

1 1 Reply
Prabhata Kumar Sahoo 03 January 2023

Happy new year Sir

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Kumarmani Mahakul Quotes

Life is not only a flow but also a reality that shines eternally ever in cyclic manner. Only we need to feel this essence and truth.

Mind is a moving ocean and a flying sky. This wanders with many vibrations coming in contact of material desires. But we need to learn the art of stabilizing this by practice of meditation.

Many define love in many ways. But love is a pure eternal quality which has originated from divine nature of soul within and vary much powerful that tends towards purity and God.

Life is not to enjoy and waste time. It is to sacrifice and feel the pain, harassment, disappointment of other and is to help them in need.

Truth cannot be covered with lie like the gold with dirt. Gold does bedazzle when it is washed. Truth too comes out of several lies.

We should not repent to the loss of the past but we should paint our life with the colour of knowledge of God.

We neither control time nor does the time control us. We can control ourselves.

Meditation is a kink that does connect the human soul with God and brings peace, bliss and happiness in life.

We may loss wealth, it is recoverable, we may loss health it is curable, but if we loss morality we loss all. It is not compensate-able.

Honey is sweet and some foods are too. Likewise let us make our conversations and conduct both of high moral and sweet nature.

Emotion brings moonshine, which is just like bubble of water. It may bring agony, commotion and entrapment. So it is better to be rational then to be emotional."

In a road we must fetch down and up. In our life journey we have to face pain and happiness. It is the natural law we should not be worried.

Air pollution is caused by smoke from vehicles and factories. Mind is polluted by evil thoughts and speaking lie. Avoid these.

Throw the ball over your head straight to sky and see what is happening. It falls up on your head. So think before trouble to others.

Light passes through pellucid thinks in straight line. So also truth passes through pure hearted person directly.

Beloved child peeps on the thigh of the mother. She does not cut it off. She does wash it only. God washes our sins. He does not punish us. We reap fruits as per our actions.

Unpleasant true discourse may bring sharp reaction to a person. But its outcome is sweeter than nectar.

All types of vices are the root causes of destruction. Be cautious. Three, 'W' words like, ‘warmth, weal and wile', may bring peace. Take care of these.

Sword remains in scabbard. When it comes out it may slay down a head but cannot win a heart. Integrity and love remain in heart of human that may win the world.

We cry, you laugh. We laugh, you cry. We go, you come. We come, you go. But both we have birth and death. Let's offer prayer to God to follow right path.

We lead our life-boat in Society- River. We ought not to let anxiety-water into the boat but should let the boat over it.

Think well before you plan to work. Judge well before you start the work. Do well when you begin the work. Finish well and wait. Result will come automatically.

We eat when appetite comes, we drink when thirst comes, we behave when guests visit but we pray God before commencement of hurdle or danger. But we should remember God at each moment of life.

You neither torture other nor do torture yourself. It leads a person to ruination and ruction.

Person having empathy is just like a deity who can realize the suffering of others and try to have remedies.

Money can fulfill our wants but can't fulfill our health. Exercise, meditation, purity and sacred food can bring sound mental and physical health.

On self realization we realize the eternity of life's journey and meditation is only the way to stabilize mind and having connection with God.

Life is like a flowing stream. This flows to river, then to ocean and life likewise unites finally with God having long journey of perseverance.

Give something to others in need but do not think to get back anything in return for your help. Selfless service is the golden key of humanity.

While you keep your vision on equal distances on happiness and sorrow and see ahead then life is definitely well balanced.

Blow horn of life at right time and at right place. Doing so is wise or else train of life may fall in danger at any moment.

As the drop of poison spoils the full pot of nectar so the evil plot spoils the innocent people.

For lazy persons problem is heavier than mountain but for sagacious people it is lighter than cotton.

Very often many people say it is a problem if they have to face a little inconvenience, but sagacious people never say or think about a problem, they can manage themselves.

Time is unseen force which can elevate a person to top or can drop down him from a top to bottom.Handle it with care.

Is night too dark? Wait, soon you get brightness as morning is knocking at the door.

Wealth is temporary but love you have in your heart will remain for ever.

Beauty of peace of creation we can feel better in silence because silence gives us a key to open this universe.

Nature suckles peace and love to each creature unconditionally because universe empowers nature through eternal light.

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Kumarmani Mahakul Popularity

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