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Mister President, - Poem by Del a.k.a. Abe Jones

What part don't you understand
When the People say, 'We're tired! '?
When our Troops and their Families
Say, they are no longer inspired?

'Stay the course.', 'They'll follow us.'
Just doesn't ring true, anymore
To, 'Take the fight to the terrorists! '
Is not really why, we went to War.

In fact, we've made more enemies
They just don't want us on their soil
We have only stirred the hornet's nest
And heightened the World's turmoil.

It's time to face the reality
'Our resolve.' is not the same
While we lose loved ones and friends
In this political/oil/money game.

You send them and extend their stay
And on the news there was a story
About a Hero's fifth time to go
Who says, 'No! I don't want to deploy! '

The Troops are hurting and worn out
And their morale is running low
Families want their loved ones safe
Just listen and they will tell you so.

We went to War, 'with what we had'
As old Rummy was heard to say
And we still don't have enough
Even though, we pay, and pay, and pay.

If they'd have had sufficient armor
With a much better chance to survive
If we'd have given them what they needed
How many more, might still be alive?

And if that so-called government
Won't try and step up to the plate
It's time we brought our own Home
And let Iraq design it's own fate.

Though, we should have never gone there
Our Troops gave it their best shot
We shouldn't expect more from them
To lose more of those best, we've got.

You may be, 'the great decider'
And used to things going your way
But, that doesn't mean you're always right
And most now, don't believe a thing you say.

So, for once, try to do the right thing
And see what is as plain as can be
You must start to end this crazy War
Because of your flawed and failed policy.

Mister President, bring them home
And have them guard our borders here
Where there's a clear and present danger
But, maybe too late, as some may fear.

Then, you can say, 'Bring them on! '
And we can stop them at the border
And maybe salvage something good
From this War's chaos and disorder.

We can't force Freedom on them
We can't make any people Free
If it's not something they believe in
Just because it's what we want to see.

An experiment in Democracy
That was doomed from the very start
For, those People's ancient history
Shows what's in their mind and heart.

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