Shreej k.c

Mocking Muteness-2 - Poem by Shreej k.c

Once as she buried her heavy head
in the warmth of his broad breast
loosening all the day's drudgeries
in the virile fragrance and tease,
she whispered -'who was she? '
The way he peered at nothingness
as if recalling sweetness or bitterness
gave her chills.

She feared he would say,
'just somebody I used to know
one of my mistakes that drove
me veteran to find you-my love.'
She feared he would utter 'almost'
he almost liked her, she almost waited
while voiceless texts failed to translate
the 'almost' died, never to ricochet.
She did not want to believe,
he could pride on any error advertent.
She did not want to believe, she endeavours
day and night to please an impotent.

She feared he would profess,
'she was a fool, a furnace
I warmed my hands in winter days;
she was a batty blithe, dramatized
the shortest play, amplified
her echoes with each reverberation
while I left even her ashes to burn,
subdued her voice with a formal laudation.'
She did not want to believe,
he could ever pervert.
She did not want to believe, she wakes up
every morning beside cold blooded and covert.

She feared he would say,
'she was so reckless that she was intense
she was so stubborn that she was brittle
she was so fierce that she was gentle
she was so meek that she could self destruct
she was so much so that
she was not enough for me
but my darling you are...'
She did not want to believe,
he could be such weak in judgements.
She did not want to believe, he believed
she coveted his comparative compliments.

Just when she scanned his eyes
holding her breath, wishing rather to hear lies
he leaned forward and placed
one of his soft spellbinding kisses
over her fretful forehead with fondness
melting all the insecurities mutely
then his muteness muting her lips leisurely
marking her misgiving moot again.

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