Liberatore Suffoletta

Rookie - 8 Points (July 2,1948 / Pettorano Sul Gizio, L'Aquila, Abruzzi, Italy)

Modern Love Xxxiv (Sun And Moon In Love) - Poem by Liberatore Suffoletta

enamored moon rides a saddle of tears
wearing a belt of silver pistols
on a black star drenched stallion
tender sun wears four bodices of dawn
stretches arms of strawberry orange
above a horizon of sleeping lionesses

moon has only one color, love

moon has adored sun for eternity
letting crickets sing his lament
of dew kisses on flowers
sun rides a gondola of virginal fears
on a periwinkle ocean, peeking beneath
Icebergs pretending to be clouds
fate tempts the moon to invite sun
for a walk by green river, out beyond burr,
thistle, with fireflies orange light
on the hawthorn and reeds
maiden sun, blushing crimson red, accepts
smiling half-moon, half-mystery, extends a starless hand
tender sun holds hands of light with the waxing moon
at the far end of the universe
where there are no street lamps
where trees of silver grow bigger
and mountains of wolves
howl in hunger

sun’s petticoats rustle like wet silk
to moon’s ear, like shoots of hyacinth
the dark nipples on sun’s breasts awake
creating mother of pearl points on lace
under her dawn of auburn hair
under her blush of gold
lost in love moon makes a hollow
In the clay on the wet riverbank
placing a blanket of shimmering stars
on night’s tears
moon takes off his silver necktie
sun unbuttons her morning gown
revealing ankles of fine nard
making the eyes of the moon burn
moon removes his belt of pistols
sun her four bodices of silk
showing a sleeping seagull
on thighs spawning salmons
half swimming towards Greenland’s ices
half swimming towards Africa’s heat
startled moon desires to gallop
without bridle or stirrup,
on suns desire for endless twilights
on a most wonderful road
moon promises not to repeat
sun whispers
splattered with kisses, pepples,
wet as the color of love, empty,
silver moon took magenta sun by green river.
while swords of wild irises
stabbed at morning air.

Sun behaved like a blood gypsy.
giving moon a daughter of corn fields
in a basket of straw-hued satin
promising not to fall in love
when moon took sun to green river.

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