Modification Of The 'R' Poem Poem by Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi

Modification Of The 'R' Poem

O who wants a share of the pleasure of closeness
If you want all goodness to appear in you
The councillor is honest, so heed this news:
There is no pleasure in life except accompanying the [fuqara]
for they are the sultans and the masters and the princes [umara]
They are people who are satisfied with little, of clothing
and food, and care not for the world.
Their hearts are free of whispering temptations
So accompany them and show proper manners in their councils
and leave your fortunes behind, no matter how much they offer to bring you upfront
Take their Path if you want to follow them
And leave your claims, and be careful not to question them
abut their purpose, and let their benefit be your intention
And seize the time and always attend with them
and know that pleasure and content distinguish who attended
Be content with them, they elevate you, and you reach.
If they register you, hang on; and if they erase you, vanish;
and if they don't feed you, starve; and if they feed you, then eat.
And abide by silence, except if you are asked, then say
I have no knowledge, and conceal yourself in ignorance
And don't be critical of people's flaws
even if it is apparent to existence
and look with an eye that sees only goodness and that does not see defects in anyone
And see defects only in you; and have faith
that your have a flaw that would have been apparent, but was concealed
With this you attain what you hope for of proper manners [adab]
Humble your self [nafs] to them in doubtless humility
a humility that takes the place of proper manners [adab]
And lay down your head and ask for forgiveness for no reason
and stand up on the feet of fairness apologizing
If you want a light for the Path from them then elevate
above everything they hate of your actions
and make your self [nafs] persist in doing good
If you commit a fault, apologize, and hold up
your apology for what you committed and what happened from you
Flatter them, and say: heal with your piety
with the cream of your pardon, the injury of your wound
It is me who is wrong, so grant me your pure advise
And say: your slave is more deserving of your pardon
so pardon and be lenient and clement, O [fuqara]
If you transgress, don't fear their enthusiasm
they are more sublime than you be harmed by their company
they are not the mighty whose power harm you
They are more deserving of kindness, which is their character
so do not feel or expect from them any evil or harm
If you want want them to guide you along the Path of piety
strive to fulfill what they request of you
immediately and don't delay it saying tomorrow
Always be generous in giving to the companions
actually and figuratively; and overlook if they slip
Always be truthful with them, and don't be dishonest
because they are truthful people, masters and chiefs
and pardon anyone of them who ever offended you
Observe the Sheikh carefully in his states, and hopefully
a trace of his achievement might appear in you.
Ask him to pray for you, you profit from his prayer
and through it you attain what you hope for of his blessing
and improve your assumption of him, and realize his sanctity
Wholeheartedly do the effort, and strive to serve him,
perhaps you please him, and take care not to become bored
And memorize his advise, and increase your attending to him
and answer him immediately if he calls you
and lower your voice in confounding out of obedience
For his pleasure begets The Lord's pleasure and begets obedience
He will be pleased with you, so be cautious not to leave him
And accompany whose self [nafs] is a gentle self [nafs]
in this time, for the selves [nafs] are generally despairing
of them, and their craft is underestimated by the people
And know that the people's Path needs study
and the state who claims it today is as you see.
If they distance me, because of their affection,
I should grieve for what I suffer due to parting with them
due to my breaking from them after accompanying them
When will I see them, and how will I reach seeing them
or reach my ear hearing news about them?
My lagging behind prevents me from being suitable for them
My origins are from them, so blame me, I do not blame them
O Lord, please grant me piety to be suitable to befriend them
I have no one, and how is it possible for the like of me to compete with them
over resources in which I did not know impurity?
Their traits are venerated beyond being countable
their appearances have pointed to their hidden inners
their glory is through obeying The Lord in this world
I love them and shelter them and prefer them
in my heart; specially a group of them.
They have become superior above other people by obediences
their companion adopts proper manners [adab] from them
and how unlucky is he who misses their company
A people with noble characteristics - wherever they sit,
the place continues to be fragrant with their traces
So devote to them and do not part with them and increase in attachment
and if you miss them, then weep out of sorrow
They are a clan who honor whoever relates to them
Sufism presents gifts from their manners and traits.
Their perfect harmony from them delights the eye
I 'wagged the tail' of pride of love because of them
when they accepted me as a slave of their love
and their right to their love I never forget
They are the people I love and my loved ones who
proudly boast dragging the tails of honor
I cut my heart to pieces composing poetry in their love
and I have begged The Lord by them, desiring
that The Lord forgives me together with all the Muslims
I am still united with and connected to them in Allah,
and our sins there by Him forgiven and pardoned
O whoever was in this council with us
please ask The Lord to wipe our sins,
and pray for the one who 'fived' the beautiful original
And then prayers upon the selected one, Sayyidina
Mohammed, the best of whoever fulfilled and whoever pledged

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