nadia abduljabbar

Mohammad Alawi Al Malky(Improved Version)

Five days after
Thy leaving to the upper
World, thou visited
Me in a vision,
Thou came to solace
Me after the sudden
Death of the man
I was about to marry;
He died one week before
Our marriage and after
Two weeks you
Followed him.

Who am I to be
Visited by a grand-
Son of the prophet;
Who am I to see
A man as such just
To console me? ? ! !

Except Almighty,
Nobody knew
About my intension
To visit thee to have
A discussion on fate
After the death
Of a fiancé whom
I never met for
Destiny thwarted every
Plan was made by him
For us to meet.

Today, by chance
I saw thy funeral,
On YouTube,
And I felt the pain
People of Makkah
Severely felt
When thou suddenly
Left them while being
So young; before
The mid of thy fifties.

Being too westernized,
I slightly knew about
Religious celebrations;
I was confined with FAITH
And doing the basic rituals,
It is true I have a heart
That feels happy for
Others' success and
Is never jealous or envious,
But it seems that's not enough
To reach to what I aspire
In Heavens:

I aspire not to be eaten
By worms in my grave,
I aspire to pass like Lightening
Or Eye Blink on The Strait Lane,
I aspire not to see fire of Hell
I aspire to set on beautiful
Sand that Smells like Musk
On the Day of judgment
And that I will not suffer
From waiting and the whole
Process will pass like
Noon and afternoon prayers,

I aspire to be surrounded
By roses and flowers,
And they say the price of
Such aspiration is pain,
And I believe and accept
Good and bad fate and

God's plan for me
Was to be a kind of hermit
And one cannot be so
Except by not being
Interested in Materialistic
Things and by living alone.

I confess since childhood
I am an emotional being
Not a materialistic one,
And since Adolescence
I was living alone
With Mum
Now, I am in total chosen
Seclusion from people-
Not cats-
And daily noise of toil.

I finally knew about
Religious celebrations
And I was whole heartedly
Crying in one of them,
And a kind woman
Approached me saying:
'Thy tears are so genuine
I want to be a friend with thee',
Guess whom she was?
She was and is
One of thy sisters.
As if it were a massage
From The Most Merciful
Saying that He will surround
Me with good people,
Since I failed to choose
For myself.

A Chinese and may be also,
A Japanese proverb
Says ' True Gold
Never fears fire',
Was the torture like
Hell I experienced,
A kind of purification
For me as fire
Purifies Gold;
And what was the goal?
Forgiveness or higher
place in Heaven
Or both? !

I confess I don't say
Or ask much
For forgiveness;
I thought since I don't step
On Major sins boundaries,
I don't have to do so,
Not knowing that
There mere act of
Not asking for forgiveness
Is a big sin by itself.

We should ask for
forgiveness because,
We don't thank
Almighty for every heart
Beat or eye blink,
Ignorance is not acceptable
From Muslims Nowadays
For KNOWLEDGE is there
Every where;
The access to it
Is becoming easier
Every day.

My prayers to
The prophet are
Also are not much
And a lack as such
Is not a good one
And it requires

Prophet Mohammad,
Peace b upon him, says:
'The goods Of Allah are
Expensive; the goods
Of Allah Is PARADISE',
Pain purifies people
And the price they pay
To be up to live
In Heavens.

Some years before
Thy visit, Alshe'rawy
Visited me in the same
Day he died asking for
My P.O Box number;

All of these visions
Make me wonder
Who am I to Allah
Does He really LOVE
Me and all these
Difficult TESTS
I passed through
Were the sign of
Almighty LOVE.
And the beautiful
Visions I see are
To comfort me
On my difficult
Hell like path.

27 July,29 Ramadan,2014-07-27

Topic(s) of this poem: friendship

Poem Submitted: Sunday, July 27, 2014
Poem Edited: Monday, July 28, 2014

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  • Abdulla Al-hemaidyAbdulla Al-hemaidy (8/15/2014 12:40:00 PM)

    You are welcome. Now, I read your reply. And so i write this short comment. BTW, I have plan to publish a book (flowers of hemaidy's friends poems 2014) paper book via Amazon at the end of this year. I would like to select some of your poems here. Or if you preferred new poems about Wisdom, human love, Nature, peace, and friendship. You are welcome to send your poems (1-3) per each subject. My email: alhemaidy at gmail dot com or i select from your poems here to republish them.

    Best regards & respect

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  • Abdulla Al-hemaidyAbdulla Al-hemaidy (8/3/2014 2:26:00 AM)

    Pithy and joy reading.

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    Nadia AbduljabbarNadia Abduljabbar(8/11/2014 2:52:00 PM)

    Thanx a lot 4 caring 2 comment on such a poem. I thought non will care even 2 read let alone commenting. thanx again

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