Bradley John Downs

Money - Poem by Bradley John Downs

it was a fact and already known
its not an act weve grown to show

how can they rule us
when they contradict the laws the way they play?
no one knows anything with power these days you say.
dont think we dont see your flaws
dont think we dont see the ways
dont even think we dont see behind persona...

we hate that they have power but we give it back
the way that they devour and take it back

you cant tell me anything
all words fall short of sense
everything you ever bring
has all been in your defense

you can mutter what you like
take the weapon, go to strike
put in the force towards the head
coming back on what you said

sometimes you gotta do it with determination
henceforth the hurdling concept
that if we conquer our struggle of fighting with ourself
we regian the understanding of fighting for a cause
for ourself!
not for the cult, the ritual,
the cult-ritual sentimental value
imbedded in our heart from childhood
till our death. for all of time
it will remain the central line that we can keep
to fight against, or hold it deep in our defense
but we must keep something
keep anything you plan. hold onto what you can

personally, the rest of you keep only shallow hearts in here
only when you have the heart to open up and really hear
the way it all went pear shaped and snapped
and then you saw the booby trap
but its to late, you correlate
and what will come we'll see.

money makes the decisions simplified
if you have money- on nothing you relied
money is the root to the tree
now its coming round to test me..

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Poem Submitted: Friday, February 8, 2008

Poem Edited: Sunday, February 10, 2008

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