Michael P. McParland

Gold Star - 82,726 Points (July 19 1983)

Morning Note 157 - Poem by Michael P. McParland

Good morning to you
my gorgeous sweet Angel dove.
How was your Sunday
and how has your morning been?
I pray you are well and you were
there first thought that I had
as I climbed out of bed
and I dreamed of you much through
this last day and a half that I snoozed.
I thank you so much my sweet love
because I could feel all of
your warmth and loving understanding
that I was so very tired
and I could feel your sweet faith
in me knowing I'll never leave you
or just disappear.
You truly are such a gift to me
and I thank you so much again
for the precious diamond you are.
I'll now explain the best that
I can the last few days.
Not much to tell really but
I want you to know so you can see
for my comfort as well that I
was not just fooling around.
I love you sweet one and want you to know
that I was super super tired
as well as that headache
and fatigue through the roof,
nightmares as well full of intensity
sweet one.
Thank you again my sweet love
and I will say kit many more times
as well as I love you sweet one
you will always be everything
in existence I need and want.

I am sorry sweet one I slept
for so super super long
and was in turn quiet during that time.
Saturday morning I had that miserable
migraine as you'll remember sweet one
and it was a sickening one at that my sweet dear
passing just in time for me to be able
to go to the movie and dinner with my family.
A blessing from your prayers
for which I thank you and a blessing from God because
migraines that bad usually last all day.
Thank you for all of your loving strength
and I love you for all of the care
and the giving you show to me.
Feel of my warmth and these sweet kisses
I send to you in the greatest of gratitude my love.
Kira I adore you so much and
truly pray that so soon you will be here
for me to thank and hold as I
look in your eyes letting you know
you truly are my best friend and universe.
I was STOL exceptionally tired at the
movie my dear that I almost fell asleep
at the very beginning.
The concession line was so long I couldn't
even get a drink because I would have missed the start
and you know how very thirsty I get.
As I told you before though
the movie was good as was my club sandwich at dinner
and I though of you and longed to be
holding you so many times.
I miss you more that you know my sweet Angel dove
and wish I could be holding you
right here and right now.
Although you might not want to be right here
per say because it's well below zero outside
and it feels like they've just about turned
the heaters all the way down in here,
I'm even more thankful for my robe now
and will finally get my blankets washed today,
if you were here though I would give you
my robe so cozy and warm and just hold you so close
to keep us both completely filled
with each others loving warmth.

On the way home from dinner I just thought
of your cute as hell picture and smiled
writing to you about all of it
when I got home my sweet darling
and from there closed my eyes relaxing
and thinking of you my sweet precious darling.
It made me feel so warm and smile
and it was the last smile I would hold for the
rest of that night because the nightmares
hit me so hard and these ones were not
of losing you but a recurring one
I can't give the actual details until
we are talking so it will come together,
a dream though of being haunted
and when I awoke a bit I just hid under my covers
scared most of the night until
I finally fell back to sleep.
It may sound funny to some others
but it's a bad dream and ghosts and spirits
scare the hell out of me so I was frightened
continuing the deep fatigue I felt further.
From there my sweet dear I really just slept
with wired dreams mostly and a few nightmares,
you were in some of my dreams and it was a
good one in the manner that you were there darling
because I was in the hospital for some reason
and you came and visited me.
I know that is strange and that's all I have
regarding that dear and I know you would
visit me if I were ever there for a reason come down.
So my sweet love that's all I really have to say
on that stuff is that I was so fatigued
and just slept and slept until about
30 minutes now passed.
And again I thank you my love for all your
kind understanding and loving so grand.
It means everything to me my Angel
and beautiful Queen.

So again my sweet dear I am truly
so sorry I so quiet for so long
and I am sorry if I worried or upset you.
I promise in full everyday
that I'll never leave or desert you my precious dear.
You are my soul mate and true love
and adored best friend I want
to be with through all space and time.
Just close your beautiful eyes
and remember my loving looks and smile.
Remember that I am right there
beside you holding you so very tightly
and that I am in want of only you
and no other ever my sweet dear.
I will be writing you through this day dear
and right now I need to
get some food into me.
I'm sending you all of my loving warmth
with sweet kisses to let you know that I care.
I love you Kira and wish so very much
that you were here so I could hold you
and tell you you're great,
I truly just want to hold you my darling dear.
So grab onto your faith and hold tight with me
as I reach out and take your hand in mine.
We will make it sweet love I know it's true
because I know you truly love me
and I your Michael truly love you too.
I will always stand by you and give you my all
because my sweet Kira you are
my beautiful sweet Angel dove.

Topic(s) of this poem: morning, true love

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Good morning my sweet darling Kira. Thank you truly for all of your king caring loving and understanding. It has helped me so much and greatly. Have a wonderful day and do feel me there beside you holding you ever so tightly. I love you so much my beautiful Kira. ILYF Below is the link for Falcos 8th album Out Of The Dark. It's the album he was working on when he died. There are three more albums I have for you after this and a 4th list. It will all make sense when I post them. I love you tones my sweet Angel dove. ILYF

www.youtube.com/playlist? list=PLVovfrRzzyshBEKVFoIU5OjVqDhMq9r6K

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