Morning Talk Poem by Roberta Hill Whiteman

Morning Talk

"Hi, guy," said I to a robin
perched on a pole in the middle
of the garden. Pink and yellow
firecracker zinnias, rough green
leaves of broccoli,
and deep red tomatoes on dying stems
frame his still presence.

"I've heard you're not
THE REAL ROBIN. Bird watchers have
agreed," I said."THE REAL ROBIN
lives in England. They claim
your are misnamed and that we ought
to call you ‘a red-breasted thrush'
because you are

sandra 28 August 2019

is there any symbolism in this poem

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Name 09 November 2021

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victor 08 July 2019

what is the genre of the poem

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Roberta Hill Whiteman

Roberta Hill Whiteman

Oneida Nation of Wisconsin
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